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Still Can't Get Any Sleep?

Disturbed sleep and night waking are considered inevitable during the 1st year. But what about after that?

Pampers, in partnership with the UK's largest parent charity NCT, has released the results of its recent study that followed the experiences of first-time mothers and fathers through the first 1,000 days of parenthood from pregnancy to their child's 2nd birthday. More than 1,000 parents were included in the research which has uncovered new insights about the many rewards and challenges of being a Mum or Dad.

One key finding from the research revealed that while disturbed sleep and night waking are considered an inevitability during the first 12 months, the majority of parents anticipated less disturbed sleep during the second year. However, around a third of parents (30%) reported persistent sleep problems continuing through the second year with illness and teething being common reasons cited for poor sleep.

The study also shed light on modern parenting roles. Over two thirds of dads (67%) reported equally sharing the responsibility for caring for their baby overnight. However, less than half of mums (45%) agreed that they shared equal responsibility with their partners. In fact, despite 80% of the women in this study having returned to full or part-time employment more than half admitted that they were responsible the majority of childcare activities too.

Dr Abigail Easter, Research Manager at NCT says, “This research has told us about the ups and downs of new parenthood, and how important it is that both mums and dads find the support they need as they care for a young baby. Balancing the responsibilities of parenting, work and finances was a key theme to emerge from the research, and affects different families in different ways. Good communication and looking after their own relationship is really important for new parents as they settle into changing roles. This research is just one part of a robust study which will inform NCT's education, support and campaigning.”

Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers in Northern Europe says “While the early years of parenthood are filled with many milestone moments, they are also filled with new challenges that parents need to navigate. We were proud to support our long term partner, NCT, on this research which will further contribute to our understanding of new parents and babies, further enabling us to support them better as they make their way through their first 1,000 days together.”

Along with the release of the research, Pampers is sharing its new film, A Newborn Journey of Firsts, celebrating the many special first time moments that parents and babies experience throughout the journey of parenthood.

For more information visit www.pampers.co.uk or http://www.nct.org.uk/about-us/first-1000-days/first-1000-days-study/research-reports-and-outputs
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