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New Glow Dreaming Lamp Sends Babies To Sleep In Ten Minutes, Claim Parents

Glow Dreaming lamps are becoming a hit with parents [Instagram/Glow Dreaming]

Getting your baby to fall asleep at a reasonable hour can seem like an impossible to task to some parents.

However, there now seems to be a solution that boasts a staggering 98% success rate when it comes to helping little ones nod off – a "miracle" glow lamp.

The guys at Glow Dreaming have created an innovative new lamp that utilises NASA grade light therapy technology, combined with aromatherapy and a nifty humidifying feature, to create a bed time essential.

The Glow Dreaming lamp also emits a pink noise, which, as their website describes, is unlike white noise because it “does a lot more than just block out background noise.”


The light on the Glow Dreaming lamp can change from pink to green [Instagram/Glow Dreaming]

Pink noise uses the same frequency you hear in calming sounds such as waterfalls, rain and thunder.

Glow Dreaming recommend their lamps can be used on tots as young as eight weeks old, all the way until 73 weeks – so new parents can use the device within two months of giving birth.

The product also comes with its own timer feature, meaning it won’t be left on all night.

Customers seem to love the products and have left glowing reviews all over the Australian based company’s social media.

Different sleeves with different patterns can be placed over the lamps [Instagram/Glow Dreaming]

One user has said: “Genuinely love it! My daughter was having really bad sleep regression and it fixed it instantly!”

Others have noted how well the Glow Dreaming lamp can work on restless sleepers, especially those children who suffer with night terrors.

“My son was suffering with night terrors one night and since using his Glow Dreaming they have almost stopped completely,” explains one happy user.

“If he does have one, he is calmer and easy to get back to sleep,” she adds.

The starter kit comes with everything a new parent needs [Glow Dreaming]

The Glow Dreaming starter pack is $130AUD, which is the equivalent of about £75 for customers in the UK.

This certainly sounds like something we'll be giving a go! We found out about it HERE

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