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Little Chick London would like to show you the new Bed Side Crib

Little Chick London would like to show you the new Bed Side Crib

When you have to prepare for a newborn, there is nothing more apparent than the clear lack of space available! Not many people have the luxury of a nice big bedroom with plenty of space for a beautiful crib so Little Chick London have come up with the ultimate answer for you!

If the idea of a very cleanly designed, pretty and simple crib, that you can easily fold away appeals to you then read on! When the boxes arrived I was so excited to be able to put the crib together so I quickly started unpacking. A little daunting at first, as when it comes to flat pack I am no genius, but I soon worked it out. Smaller than a large cot, but bigger than a standard moses basket, this crib is the ideal size until your little one is able to sit up. The size is no way near as big an issue as a cot would be as you can just unclip the sides and it folds down flat enough to be tucked away.

The sides of the crib are made from a mesh fabric which is fully breathable to enable air flow. This will help regulate temperature really well and is definitely a big plus. The Little Chick London Bedside Crib is a safer alternative to co-sleeping. Your baby is right beside your bed and can be clearly seen at all times through the breathable mesh sides, but is safe and secure in his own environment. The Lullaby Trust says: Bed sharing with a baby of low weight or a premature baby is strongly linked to an increased risk of SIDS. The safest place for your baby to sleep in the first 6 months is in a separate cot or Moses basket in the same room as you. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) - says:  Evidence was reviewed relating to co-sleeping in the first year of an infant's life. Some of the reviewed evidence showed that there is a statistical relationship between SIDS and co-sleeping. This means, that where co-sleeping occurs, there may be an increase in the number of cases of SIDS. There is a breathable Crib Mattress which we are using with this crib. This is available separately HERE.The mattress uses high performance materials which are breathable, air-permeable and have a water resistant backing. It has been created to the highest spec to offer safety and comfort to your little one.

The little 'Aww' moment came for me when I opened the little twinkle light bedtime soother. This gorgeous little star has gorgeous music ad lighting which can be used either separately or together. The little stars twinkle in different colours projecting the stars across the room. The star is connected with a little strap and so it can be attached to anything and I think it will end up coming everywhere with us. You can get this gorgeous little star HERE. All in all this package is perfect for your new little baby and you will not be disappointed by the quality. It is comfy, safe and easy to use.

Let your little one nod off in the Little Chick London crib which you can get HERE

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