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Is the 360 Rocker from East Coast the most versatile rocker of all time

East coast 360 rocker

When it comes to shopping for your new little baby, there are TONS of 'must-have' items that you will be told about. I was then introduced to the new 360° Dreamer Rocker by East Coast and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

There are so many things you want for your baby. To be safe and secure, happy and entertained, comfy and close to you! I am after the ideal rocker to keep my little one happy and comfortable when playing, sleeping, and having a bit of quiet time. This rocker may just be the answer! First of all I need to say that I just love the colours. The grey and turquoise are the perfect colours for any play room or nursery and it is very apparent that this Rocker is beautiful quality. It was easy to put together and it will be easy to maintain and keep clean.

The main pro for this item has to be that it can be used for sitting up, or lying down to sleep. The best part? You can gently lower the back when your little one has nodded off while playing! Finally, no need to try and move them over to a separate cot. 
 We haven't been able to make use of the little hanging toy yet, of which there are two. Rattles are always interesting and the other one makes a crinkle sound which I am sure will be just as engaging. There is also space to pop other toys on. We have a spiral toy for our pram which will go perfectly on this. To go from sitting up to lying down it is very simple just an easily adjustable strap and two buttons on the side. It is as simple as that!

The mechanism of the rocker has been designed really well with ease of use definitely in the forefront. You won't be frustrated by any complicated systems, and more importantly, you're little one wont be woken if you chose to adjust it.

The rocking function is absolutely brilliant, and yet again, very easy to do! Gone are the days of dragging the rocker round in a circle, or across the lounge floor. If you're little one needs to be turned around, all you need to do is to press on the button and the chair can be rotated 360 degrees. As the rocker can be used from Birth, this is a really handy piece of kit, There is a little panel which you can control the sounds, volume and vibration from. There are 6 different intensity's for the vibration setting. If your baby is anything like this little one then this will really help settle them. I sometimes wish they made something this soothing for us mums!
 I could not recommend this rocker enough!

  • A comfortable place for baby to rest, play, and nap
  • If baby falls asleep in the rocker, the clever folding seat design allows you to gently lower them into a safe flat position
  • The seat can swivel on its base, allowing you to rock baby front-to-back or side-to-side Feet can be stabilised for no rocking
  • Removable toy bar with removable rattle and crinkle toys
  • Soothing adjustable vibration, along with a choice of musical tunes and sounds with volume control
  • Suitable from birth, and up to 15kg in seat mode 360º swivel Multi-directional rocking motion
  • Musical tunes and sounds
  • Soothing vibrations
  • Adjustable reclining backrest

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