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Get peace of mind with The Panasonic Baby Monitoring Kit

Get peace of mind with The Panasonic Baby Monitoring Kit
Panasonic has launched the ultimate do-it yourself Baby Monitor Kit, which can be adapted to suit every parent.

Even with those 2am sleepy eyes, the Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001EW) is easy to use and assures you that your little one is safe and sound day or night.

Security and Comfort

This baby monitoring kit is perfect for constantly on-the go parents, the sleek kit includes a hub unit and a high-resolution indoor camera.

Which means that you can easily monitor your bundle of joy anytime and anywhere, simply by using a smartphone or tablet.

So, whether your kids are dozing upstairs, or you've left your little one in the safe hands of a babysitter, you can always check-in to ensure they're happy and content.

With wireless technology offering greater protection from hackers than Wi-Fi connected products, you can be sure that your privacy is secure.

This gives mums and dads complete peace of mind that the safety of their child is being monitored and allowing them to take a rare five minutes rest on the sofa.

Baby and Bed Time

Send your toddler to sleep using the built-in two-way microphone, letting you hear when your baby wakes up and enabling you to soothe them back to sleep with the familiar sound of your voice.

You could also rock your baby to sleep with one of the five built in lullabies and let the in-nursery-nanny sing until your little one is away with the fairies.

It's not only carrots that can help you see in the dark - when your child is all tucked up in bed, the camera's six-metre-long night-vision means that you can still see your baby at night and detect any escapees.

Able to help you provide the perfect sleeping conditions, the camera can detect the temperature of the room, sending you notifications if it gets too hot or too cold, allowing you to quickly adjust it to your baby's needs.

Panasonic grows with your child

When your child has found their feet, you can grow and adapt your Smart Home Kit to capture and monitor their every move.

The available for purchase window/door sensor will notify parents if their adventurous toddler has escaped their bed and are on their way to exploring the house.

Or if needed, add another pair of eyes with additional cameras, meaning that the Smart Home Kit not only grows with your child, but with your family.

Thus, when sleeping in separate rooms, you can easily monitor both children from the comfort of your living room.

If your kids are fans of the outdoors, keep a close eye with Panasonic's outdoor camera seeing up to 300 metres away - meaning they can run, but they can't hide!

Let your munchkin rise and shine with the Panasonic Smart Plug, allowing you to synchronise and schedule timings for your lamp to go on and off when your baby wakes and sleeps.

And why not remedy your nightly-feedings sleep deprivation by using the Smart Plug to turn your coffee machine on and off, making getting out of bed bit easier. Who says the kit can't offer you a well-deserved perk too! 

Get the item and more information HERE.

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