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Getting your baby to sleep can seem like a science in itself. Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing WHY your baby won't go to sleep. Some of the Baby Sleeping articles below will help you understand baby sleep problems and will help you get more sleep yourself at the same time.

New Glow Dreaming Lamp Sends Babies To Sleep In Ten Minutes, Claim Parents

Getting your baby to fall asleep at a reasonable hour can seem like an impossible to task to some parents. However, there now seems to be a solution that boasts a staggering 98% success rate when it…

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Five Sleep Mistakes Parents Make With Their Children

When we meet a friend or family member who has just had a baby, one of the first questions we normally ask is "so, are you getting any sleep?". Getting little ones off to drop off is one of the bigges…

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This is how much sleep new parents can expect to get in the first year of their baby’s life

New parents will steal just four hours and 44 minutes of sleep in an average night during the first year of their baby’s life, it has emerged.   That means in their tot's first 12 months, exhausted mu…

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Bedtime advice from Norland

Creating calm and supportive bedtimes. If you don't read anything else about how to get your baby to sleep, read this. Supporting your child to have a good bedtime routine is key in having a calmer an…

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We were absolutely delighted to get to review one of these Sleepyhead Deluxe Pods. The excitement started when we were at The Baby Show in Olympia recently and every second person was asking where to …

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PRESS RELEASE: Babymoov Statement: FDA Guidelines on Sleep Positioners

Babymoov have released a Statement: FDA Guidelines on Sleep Positioners Further to the recent news relating to re-issued advice from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) concerning sleep positi…

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BABY WARNING: Tesco, Mothercare and eBay ban baby sleep positioners...

Having just read this article, we wanted to pass it on to you.  MOTHERCARE are among three retailers to ban baby sleep positioners following the deaths of 12 newborns in the US linked to the products.…

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Baby sleep positioners dropped by shops after deaths warning

Some UK retailers have stopped selling baby sleep positioners amid concerns over their safety. A US health regulator said they "can cause suffocation that can lead to death" and have been linked to 12…

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Little Chick London would like to show you the new Bed Side Crib

When you need to prepare for a newborn, there is nothing more apparent than the clear lack of available space! Not many people have the luxury of a nice big bedroom with plenty of space for a beautifu…

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Get peace of mind with The Panasonic Baby Monitoring Kit

Panasonic has launched the ultimate do-it yourself Baby Monitor Kit, which can be adapted to suit every parent. Even with those 2am sleepy eyes, the Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Kit (KX-HN6001…

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Is the 360 Rocker from East Coast the most versatile rocker of all time

When it comes to shopping for your new little baby, there are TONS of 'must-have' items that you will be told about. I was then introduced to the new 360° Dreamer Rocker by East Coast and I cannot rec…

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Still Can't Get Any Sleep?

Disturbed sleep and night waking are considered inevitable during the 1st year. But what about after that?Pampers, in partnership with the UK's largest parent charity NCT, has released the results of…

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Sleep on the Back - Play on the Front

One in five babies are at increased risk of cot death because they are not slept on the back.A recent survey from the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths reveals that 21% of mothers do not alwa…

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How Music Can Help Baby Sleep

Lullabies have been used to soothe babies for centuries.But in our digital age, when we have thousands of tunes at our fingertips, it seems that parents are making the most of all the music choices av…

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Top Ten Tips For Keeping Important Sleep Routines

A survey of parents has revealed that the clocks changing is one of the top three most common reasons for disrupting a child's bedtime routine.Also featuring high on the list were holidays and friends…

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And so to bed....

Few things have a bigger "ahhhhhh" factor than a sleeping baby. The sight of your little bundle of joy with their arms thrown back above their head in a deep sleep is one of the most satisfying of ear…

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