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Baby car seat recalled over safety fears

Baby car seat recalled over safety fears

A popular baby car seat manufacturer has announced it is recalling a type of seat because it may contain a faulty component which could affect its safety.

Britax Römer warned that anyone who purchased a classic Dualifx seat - which is used for newborn babies, up to children aged four - since November last year should stop using the seat immediately.

The affected component, which Britax said could cause a safety issue, was used in seats bought between 3 November and 22 March.

The seat, which features a "unique" 360-degree rotation, retails for around £299.

The company said it had not received any reports of incidents or accidents relating to the potentially affected component and added that Dualfix car seats outside of the batches involved are not affected. The specific component is not used in any other Britax Römer products, including all other versions of the Dualfix.

The firm said: "Parents with a product affected by the recall should immediately stop using the product and register for a new one as soon as possible. Britax Römer will exchange their product free of charge and apologises for any inconvenience or concern caused by this recall."

Britax said that any parents who purchased a Dualfix during the period should go to www.dualfix-check.com/ to check if their seat is impacted by the voluntary recall and for further information.

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