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Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

According to the Daily Mail - Parents' outrage at 'sexist' children's toys in Target!


A photo of children's toys in a Target Australia store has drawn criticism online, with two pieces in particular dividing parents.

The picture shows two toys for preschool-aged children: a medical kit and a beauty kit.

The toys, one blue and one pink, have been the subject of online debate between parents.

While the toys are not explicitly advertised as being for boys or girls, many have claimed the the message is clear.

Australian journalist Tracey Spicer shared the picture on Facebook with the caption, 'Er, Target Australia, WTF...? Please, you can do better'.

Her sentiments were echoed by many online, with author Melinda Tankard Reist also sharing the picture.

'Beauty studio for the girls, Medical Centre for the boys,' Ms Tankard Reist said.


'Yes of course we can still buy the blue one for our girls. But the stereotyping of what's appropriate for girls and boys remains.'

The 'Young Ones My First Carry Along' medical kit includes scissors, glasses, a clamp and syringe for aspiring medical professionals.

The pink beauty kit, also from the same brand, includes a toy hair dryer, toy nail polish, toy lipstick and a mirror.

Many comments attacked Target with claims of gender stereotyping.

'Welcome back to the 50s,' one comment said. 

 '[I] think I might just have to write to Target about this one. How do we change this when we are fighting social conditioning from birth basically?,' one outraged woman wrote.

Another said: 'Not all girls are sugar and spice and all things nice and some boys would love a beauty kit.'

Others were quick to note the toys were not specifically gender related. 

'I don't see the problem. One daughter would have loved the pink make up case and the other would've loved the blue medical case,' said one woman. 

She continued: 'It only becomes gender specific when the adults make it so!'

The toys retail for $12 each and are marketed for children three years and over. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Target Australia for comment.


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