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STACEY SOLOMAN and the controversial life-changing decision she's made for her boys...

STACEY SOLOMAN and the controversial life-changing decision she's made for her boys...

Fabulous columnist Stacey Solomon explains how she and her sons - Zachary, 10, and Leighton, 5 - have made a huge change to their lives

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Safety 1st Baby Ultra-Flat Step Baby gate

Safety 1st Baby Ultra-Flat Step Baby gate

Offers Huge Step Forward in Child Safety Gates

The wait is over! You asked, and Safety 1st stepped up to the challenge:

An affordable, easy-fit, easy-to-use child safety gate with no trip hazard for the top of the stairs? No problem, was Safety 1st’s groundbreaking response with the launch of its Flat Step safety gate, Europe’s first ever U pressure t gate with an advanced ultra-flat trip-free step-over bar.

Safety 1st has shown once again that it listens to mums and dads who want to enjoy watching their little ones nd their feet and discover the world without worrying about their safety. The result is an a ordable, no-mess, no-fuss, hazard-free solution for stair top safety.

This exciting innovation, developed in response to parents looking for a good value-for-money safety gate that offers drill-free, hazard-free peace of mind, is the latest addition to a wide range of safety gates and accessories available from Safety 1st, a trusted world-leading child safety brand for over thirty years.

Ultra- at: ultra-safe – no trip-hazard at the top of stairs

As well as offering the perfect solution for stair tops, Safety 1st’s newly launched Flat Step metal baby gates can be used equally well at the bottom of stairs, as well as all other thresholds where no trip-hazard access is required. This offers parents a fast and reliable solution without having to pay the earth, drill unsightly holes for fixings, or worry about tripping accidents at the top of stairs or anywhere else.

Designed to ensure the safety of children aged from 6 to 24 months as soon as they start crawling and exploring the world, this state-of-the-art child safety gate also features the Safety 1st SecureTech® indicator so you can quickly check that the stair gate is securely closed.

The Flat Step safety gate offers:

• Ultra-thin, ultra-safe step-over bar,
compared to the standard 3cm bar
• Fast and simple installation and maintenance with four-point pressure tting
• Easy one-handed operation for parents,
with an ergonomic lift-up handle
and simple close-assist press-down movement to shut – but completely child-proof for even the most adventurous explorers


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