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Mum of murdered schoolgirl furious after parents copy name she 'created' especially for her!

Mum of murdered schoolgirl furious after parents copy name she 'created' especially for her!

Cyndi Palmer's 12-year-old daughter Tiahleigh Palmer, was tragically murdered in 2015.

The young girl was staying with a foster family in a rural area of south of Brisbane at the time.

Her foster father, Rick Thorburn was charged with the murder and given a life sentence, reports news.com.au.

Now Tiahleigh has hit the headlines once more and it's all because of an expletive-ridden rant her mother shared on Facebook.

Posting in the private Justice4Tiaheligh Facebook group, Cyndi vented her anger over a couple that she knows choosing to name their daughter Tiahleigh.

She is said to have written: "Little f***ing teenagers who think it’s fun to have babies … and then name that kid after my deceased daughter to whom they weren’t even friends for what I can only think of as attention! That wasn’t their name, that was Tiahleigh’s family to use if they chose to. That name isn’t random or common name, that name I made for Tiahleigh specifically."

She added that the family had previously assured her they wouldn't call their child the same name.

“Now the baby is born and boom. I’m beyond wild. If this was my child there would be no way I would let my child name a baby after someone who has passed, especially under such horrific circumstances"

Many people sided with her, agreeing that it was a beautiful name and it "didn't feel right" for other people to use it.

However not everyone in the Facebook group shared Cyndi's outrage, some pointed out that lots of children have the same names.

One person said they thought Cyndi had "no ownership" over the name and her post was just "spreading hate to teenage girls".

But the mum responded that she had specifically created the spelling, and that if the couple was old enough to have a baby they were "old enough to be called out".

She added: "They said they would change it which is why I am so upset."


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