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Mum finds her kids' secret step-by-step plan to convince her to buy them a puppy - and it's absolutely brilliant

Mum finds her kids' secret step-by-step plan to convince her to buy them a puppy - and it's absolutely brilliant

Parents up and down the country spend a lot of time explaining to their kids why they can't have a dog.

There can be huge tantrums and upsets about the lack of furry friends, and it not being practical or you simply just not wanting one apparently aren't good enough reasons.

But one little boy was determined he wasn't taking no for an answer, so he decided to come up with a cunning ten-step plan to convince his mum to buy him a puppy.

William, eight, and his little sister Scarlett, six, wrote down their secret plan, but they made one big mistake - leaving it where their mum could find it.

His author mum Emma Robinson discovered the list on their kitchen table, and was extremely entertained by some of the ideas.

There were lots of clever ideas (Image: Facebook)


Their plan reads:

  1. Do all chores
  2. Give compliments
  3. Drop in random facts
  4. Post cute pictures of dogs
  5. Put on Christmas list
  6. Trade in a sibling
  7. Say that I'll get more fit
  8. Put cute pictures around the house
  9. Who's the sucker?
  10. Make a music video.

His little sister Scarlett, six, also added a more direct step at the bottom - to ask.

We're not entirely sure about points nine and ten, but the others sound like pretty clever ideas.

Brilliant (Image: Facebook)


Emma, the author of The Undercover Mother , said: "At first I thought it was his birthday list because his birthday is soon.

"As I read through, I was laughing and laughing.

"They have been relentless in begging for a dog. My mum got a dog two years ago and it started then, but they have really picked up the pressure in the last six months.

"I asked William's permission to postcard the photo and he didn't mind.

"Scarlett, on the other hand, was really cross that I'd seen it because it was supposed to be a secret plan.

Looking back, Emma now realises her kids have already put the plan into action and they've been dropping a lot of compliments.

Unfortunately we don't know yet if their plan has been a success as Emma and Dan are still making the final decision.

Good luck kids!


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