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Mum comes up with genius idea to trick her fussy eater son into eating all his dinner

Mum comes up with genius idea to trick her fussy eater son into eating all his dinner

Other mums are praising Terri Munro's clever idea, with many say they're going to try it too!


Ok so we just read this story online. Would it work with your kids?


"You're not getting down until you've eaten all your greens." "Fine, but you're not having any pudding."

These are phrases that most parents have probably said at least once while desperately trying to get their kids to eat something healthy.

And it can be even more tricky if your kids are fussy eaters, sometimes resulting in a constant battle every meal time.

But one mum has said goodbye to dinnertime tantrums after coming up with a cunning plan to trick her little angel into eating all his food.

Terri Munro's son George is a fussy eater but he finds the idea of a takeaway very exciting.

So she ordered loads of pizza boxes off eBay and she served his dinner in it rather than on a plate, reports parenting website The Motherload.


She also has chip boxes which she plans on fillsing with carrot sticks and Coca-Cola bottle for milk.

Speaking to The Motherload , she said: "George has seen his auntie eating ‘pizza in a box’ and got excited!

"So I thought a healthier and cheaper way would be to buy or make the pizza and stick it in a pizza box and it works a treat!

"We plan on using carrot sticks in the fries box, making healthier food fun to eat.

"At the end of the day, getting George to eat sometimes is hard work, so anything we can try that makes that process easier is worth a try!"

Other mums are in awe of her idea, with many saying they're going to try it themselves.

One wrote: "Genius! I'm going to try similar with the plastic tubs from the Chinese takeaway!"

Another added "Why have I never thought of this before?! You deserve a gold star.

One woman said: "Fantastic idea! I'm stealing for my two."

Another even wondered if the clever plan might work on her 14-year-old.

So far Terri's little boy hasn't noticed the different. So shhh, he'll never know...

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