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Mum ‘Addicted’ To Being A Surrogate Is Called ‘Brave’ And ‘Amazing’ By This Morning Viewers – As She Prepares To Give Birth To Fourth Baby For Another Couple!

Mum ‘Addicted’ To Being A Surrogate Is Called ‘Brave’ And ‘Amazing’ By This Morning Viewers – As She Prepares To Give Birth To Fourth Baby For Another Couple!

A woman pregnant with her fourth surrogate child has vowed to continue giving away her babies ‘forever’.

Rachel Westbury, currently 34 weeks pregnant, was praised by viewers after revealing the joy she gets from being a surrogate on This Morning.

So far she’s had four children, including twins, for other couples, and also has a 13-year-old son.

Rachel is the biological mum of all the babies she carried.

But the pregnancies haven’t all been smooth sailing, with Rachel enduring a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy.

Explaining why she does it, she said: “I'm not the most maternal of people, I love my son with all my heart but I'm not maternal really. The journey was not set out for me, the journey wasn't for me to have another baby, it was always going to be their baby so in your head you kind of detach yourself away from it. I didn't know how I was going to react at the end but I've got the best friends and family around me and support and once you hand the babies over its nothing like it. That's fulfilment enough seeing them all happy, it's amazing you can't put it into words.”

Despite all the complications, she has vowed to continue being a surrogate.

She said: “If my body lets me. It's hard work. I lost quite a lot of weight last year and we went through lots of ups and downs to get to where we are; an ectopic, this was a twin pregnancy but it vanished, it's been ups and down but at the same time it's amazing how a woman's body forgets. Even though I've had so many I forget what I went through. If I could I'd do it forever, but I think my friends and family would disown me because of me being moany.”

Rachel first became interested in surrogacy after watching a documentary on it.

She got in touch with an agency herself, and within a year she was pregnant with twins.

But the agency went bust six weeks after she signed a contract with them.

It was a tough time, with Rachel saying: “We kind of muddled through together. None of us knew what we were doing but we got there.”

Since the she has set up her own surrogacy agency.

Viewers praised Rachel’s selflessness online after she shared her story.

One person said: “All the respect for this lady, helping other people get there happy ending.”

Another wrote: “Amazing woman, offering her body for people who can’t have children themselves.”

A third posted: “What an amazing women this surrogate is giving people who find it difficult having a baby what they want most in life.”


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