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Mother honors female trailblazers throughout history by dressing her baby daughter up as powerful role models

Mother honors female trailblazers throughout history by dressing her baby daughter up as powerful role models

A proud new mother has found an endearing way to celebrate women and their role in history - by dressing up her baby daughter as some of the world's most iconic female figures.

Chicago-based creative Jenelle Wexler, 36, has made outfits for little Liberty Jaine Wexler aged four months so she can pose as a little Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, and Cleopatra.

She has a small sewing studio in her spare bedroom which allows her to quickly design outfits from recycled items of dresses, jackets, and scarves.

Queen Elizabeth I
Malala Yousafzai
DIY: The mother-of-two makes all of Liberty Jaine's costumes - including this Joan of Arc ensemble - using recycled materials and old oufits
Vogue: Thus far, Liberty Jaine, pictured as Madonna, has covered a wide variety of industries, from science and tech to politics to music
Dolly Parton
Jackie O

One adorable picture shows Liberty Jaine dressed up as Frida Kahlo - a Mexican artist who painted many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico.

Something different: Jenelle is actually a hairdresser, but enjoys doing the shoots with Liberty Jaine in her spare time

'I first came up with the idea to shoot Liberty as Frida Kahlo as I thought the two had similar physical features,' Jenelle said.

'The shots came out wonderfully, and it was soon after that I thought about other women in history that have contributed to the betterment of women and people as a whole.

'I feel it is important to try and keep the types of traits these women portrayed.

'It exemplifies accomplishment through intellect, courage, athletic ability, and a multitude of traits I hope I can teach my children.

'Once I decide which woman I would like Liberty to portray, I then research the person, create a blurb that describes some of the historic accomplishments this female has attained. 

'I go through photos of the individual and brainstorm to create costume and background design that best reflects this female.'

Hairdresser Jenelle, has snapped more than 30 characters using Liberty Jaine including Marie Curie, Madonna, Malala, Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton, Dolly Parton, Mother Theresa, and Betsy. 

Too much paparazzi! Jenelle has created more than 30 costumes for her daughter to wear so far, including this Audrey Hepburn number
Mother Theresa
Betsy Ross
Flying high: The images have proven incredibly popular, and have also given Jenelle a chance to learn more about the people she is dressing Liberty as, including pilot Amelia Earhart
Flipping marvelous! Liberty is pictured as American gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who claimed a gold medal in the all-around competition at the 1984 Olympics
Marie Curie
Jackie Mitchell
Delicious! Jenelle says she tries to get the photo shoots done first thing in the morning because that is when Liberty, pictured as chef Julia Child, is at her happiest

The mother-of-two spends around 20 minutes capturing these heartwarming images of her little ones. 

She starts her day around five o'clock in the morning and takes around 50 shots per outfit.

Jenelle adds: 'Liberty has portrayed 34 individual women of influence.

'I plan to continue these amazing and empowering images of women - they should and need to be held up as the standard for future generations to aspire to be like.

'I usually dress her first thing in the morning as she is in good spirits and happy to participate.

'I try to catch natural light coming from our south facing windows.

'You can catch me laying props at five am as my husband is grabbing his coffee and running out the door to fight the rush hour traffic.

'I take all the photographs myself on my iPhone.'

Jenelle, who is also has a two-year-old son River Holden Wexler, wants to make sure both her children grow up acknowledging the women who have previously made a difference in the world.

She adds: 'I have Liberty debuting as some wonderful women of history, they were brave, strong, entertaining, sincere, and loving and have made such poise impacts on the lives of women of today. 

Making a mark: Mom Jenelle says she wants both her daughter and her son, River Holden, to grow up knowing all about the world's strongest female leaders, including Hillary Clinton
Jane Goodall
Ellen DeGeneres
Going for it! Liberty's dad also gets involved with the shoots by helping to make his daughter, dressed as WWII icon Rosie the Riveter, smile
Exotic: The icons don't just include those from the US; instead Jenelle features women from all over the world, and from many different era - including Egyptian queen Cleopatra
Coco Chanel
Sally Ride


'This project is a great family experience.

'Not only does it get my husband involved by getting Liberty to smile, it also is peaking River's interest.

'He is always asking me who is Liberty going to be next? Or Who is Anne Frank?

'I am happy to see him taking interest in such important historical figures.'

And Jenelle says she won't be stopping any time soon, she wants to continue to inspire her children whilst still having fun.

She adds: 'I am proud to say Liberty is surrounded by strong independent hardworking women, I can only hope she aspires to be one herself.

'It's times like these we need more of the types of women in the world. I just want to shine a light with Liberty's help on people we should truly respect in our society.

'There are so many empowering women who need to be celebrated and have their stories told.

'The photoshoots are fun, creative and a good way to document this chapter of our lives.

'It's a good learning experience.'

Jenelle also dresses up her son River Holden Wexler, along with Liberty Jaine and they both go by the name of the 'Influential Duos'. 


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