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Gran To Become Britain's Oldest Quadruplet Mum After Spending Inheritance On Ivf In Cyprus!

Gran To Become Britain's Oldest Quadruplet Mum After Spending Inheritance On Ivf In Cyprus!

A grandmother is set to become Britain's oldest mother of quadruplets after spending £7,000 on IVF treatment.

Tracey Britten, 50, is 25 weeks pregnant and expecting three girls - including a set of identical twins - and a boy.

Already a mum-of-three, she spent inheritance money on the treatment in Cyprus in a final bid to have another child with her husband Stephen.

But the grandmother-of-eight, from London, has never lived with Stephen.

Tracey plans to bring the kids up in her three-bed home, with Stephen going round to help.

She told The Sun: “Every year I still wanted another child.

"I got to 50 and thought, ‘I’m just going to do it.’”

She said she doesn't feel as old as she is, nor does she look it, and argued that any critics would change their mind once they see "four beautiful babies".

Tracey already has three children, aged 22, 31 and 32, with her first husband, who she split up with in 2003.

Two years later she met Stephen and within a year she fell pregnant, but they felt the "time wasn't right" and chose to have an abortion.

Tracey said the trauma that she went through contributed to her desire for another child.

So this year, she used the money her mum left her on IVF.

Deciding to have the treatment abroad, she told friends it was just a holiday.

Tracey is now set to have a caesarean section at 32 weeks.

A 65-year-old retired teacher from Berlin became the world's oldest mother of quadruplets in 2015.

Annegret Raunigk gave birth to three boys and a girl, German media reported.

The pensioner became a mum of 17 when her babies were delivered by cesarean section.

She fell pregnant after spending £15,000 on IVF treatment in Kiev, Ukraine.

Her decision to conceive again was controversial, even within her own family.


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