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Dog news: Hero dog saves life of five-year-old boy trapped inside TUMBLE DRYER

Dog news: Hero dog saves life of five-year-old boy trapped inside TUMBLE DRYER

Teddy the cockapoo came to the rescue as the five year old boy was sent spinning around inside the sweltering clothes dryer.

Five year old Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, faced certain death after climbing inside the dryer and shutting the door, only to find the machine start its cycle.


Immediately, the biscuit-coloured pet knew something was amiss and began causing a commotion, barking and growling then dashing upstairs to alert Riley’s mother Gillian that the youngster was in danger.


Mrs Gedge-Duffy said: “We immediately started looking for Riley and it was our eldest son Freddie who spotted Riley’s iPad in the tumble dryer through the glass door.


“Freddie screamed and I quickly opened the door, dragging Riley out of the dryer. We started dousing him with cold water.


At that moment, Riley’s father Aaron was arriving at the family home in Bangor, County Down, and ran the youngster under a cold shower to minimise the burns on his arms, back and head. Riley was rushed to hospital for burns treatment. X-rays and a CT scan revealed no other injuries and he has made a full recovery. The fact he is still alive today is down to Teddy, says Riley’s father.

dog saves boy

Riley, Teddy, father Aaron, PDSA Director General Jan McLoughlin and PDSA Deputy Chairman


Mr Gedge-Duffy said: “Teddy has always been a special dog – she’s very intelligent, attentive and she loves the children, but I am totally in awe of how she acted that day.


“I know if Teddy hadn’t have done what she did, we’d have been planning a funeral. We owe her everything and I’m so proud of her.


This week Teddy was honoured by veterinary charity PDSA with one of its most prestigious decorations – the PDSA Gold Medal, which is awarded to civilian animals for life-saving bravery and exceptional devotion to duty. The medal is widely recognised as the animal’s George Cross and has been awarded to 26 other dogs since its institution in 2002.

Mr and Mrs Gedge-Duffy along with Riley and their three other children, Sophie, Sasha, Freddie, attended a special ceremony at the PDSA’s clinic in Shore Road, Belfast, to see Teddy receive her decoration for the November 2016 rescue. 


Presenting the PDSA Gold Medal, the charity’s director general Jan McLoughlin said: “Had it not been for Teddy’s actions, the incident could have proved fatal for Riley. "She displayed unwavering devotion when she saw Riley in trouble and we are proud to recognise the actions of this very special little dog and the bond she shares with his family.”


The PDSA’s famous animal awards programme began when the charity’s founder, Maria Dickin, wanted to recognise the role animals play in military conflict and instituted the PDSA Dickin Medal in 1943, and which is now regarded worldwide as the animals’ Victoria Cross.Besides the Dickin and Gold Medals, the PDSA also presents its Order of Merit – the equivalent of an OBE – to animals for their outstanding devotion to owners or wider society.


What a special dog! We found out about this story here


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