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Dad called a 'sicko' for taking his son into baby-changing room

Dad called a 'sicko' for taking his son into baby-changing room

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Dad called a 'sicko' for taking his son into baby-changing room - but one mum rushes to his defence

He received abuse when a mum came in with her two young kids

A furious mum who witnessed a fellow parent being verbally abused in a baby changing room rushed to his defence after he was almost forced to leave.

Mikaa Ives was in a shopping centre when she took her daughter to parents room to change her nappy, where a man was busy changing his baby boy.

Normal, you might think, to see this happen in a busy shopping centre.

But when another mum entered with her two young children things got a little hostile.

Mikaa, from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, explains the dad was "already having a difficult time with his son not wanting to be changed" when the lady "piped up" and started abusing the dad for being in there.

She claims the mum said "It's only for mothers, get out you sicko," and threatened to call security and tell them the man was "staring at naked kids" if he didn't leave the room.

Mikaa wrote in a Facebook post : "He picked up his son who mind you didn't even have a clean nappy on yet and went to stand outside the door.

"His son was hysterical and he's just saying, 'its' okay mate, we'll go back in there soon.'

"At this point I thought f*** this, told the dad to come back in and finish changing his son, told the lady that if she wanted to call security to go ahead because I would 100% back the dad up."

he mum also claimed that the woman didn't even change her kids but had just been in there so they could play and she could "sit on her phone".

"I was BEYOND disgusted," Mikaa wrote. "Old mate finished changing his son, thanked me and off he went."

While leaving the shopping centre, Mikaa says she spoke to a security guard who was walking past and told her what the other mother had done and said.

"I was absolutely shocked that the poor bloke felt he had no choice but to leave like she said. ITS (sic) A PARENTS ROOM NOT A MOTHERS ROOM."

"If you're one of the people who act like that when a dad is simply changing his child, then I suggest you stay away from the PARENTS room."

Mikaa's post in a local 'Sunny Coast Community Board' Facebook group has received more than 2,000 reactions and hundreds of comments from people praising her for her actions.

Sharyn Wessling commented: "My son raised his girls by himself. There are single Dad's (sic) out there and he still has the problem of either sending them into the ladies toilets by themselves or the men's room.

"Not much choice when they are 7 and 5. Well done to you for calling her out."


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