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Baby Nappy

Blood in a baby's nappy? Is it normal?

Being a new parent can be a very scary time, the responsibility of looking after a tiny human can seem impossible.

You might stress over every little thing your child does, but sometimes that worry might not be warranted.

However surely finding blood in your baby's nappy is something to be concerned about?

Thankfully BabyCentre have all the answers.

Jill Irving says that a little blood in your baby's nappy "is usually nothing to worry about", but she does advise mentioning it to your GP.

As she explains: "If you've just had a baby girl, it's normal for her to have a little bloody vaginal discharge in her nappy. When you were pregnant, oestrogen from your body may have stimulated her womb (uterus). Now she doesn't have your hormones on top of her own, the fall in her oestrogen level may have triggered a mini period."


Constipation could also be another reason for the blood.

"Constipation can affect any baby but is more common among those who are formula-fed, or have started solids," says Jill.

"If your baby's constipated, she may strain when she poos. This straining can cause tiny splits in the skin around her anus, which may bleed when she does a poo."

If your baby is constipated, Jill suggests giving them a warm bath once or twice a day and purchasing antiseptic nappy rash cream to soothe the area.


Diarrhoea, severe nappy rash or a cow's milk allergy can also be causes.


While all of these are potentially nothing to worry about, blood can also be a sign of infection or health problems, so it's always safe to seek advice from a medical professional.


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