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Mum comes up with genius idea to trick her fussy eater son into eating all his dinner

Other mums are praising Terri Munro's clever idea, with many say they're going to try it too!   Ok so we just read this story online. Would it work with your kids?   "You're not getting down until you…

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Best buggies 2018

One of the first and most important purchases when you are expecting is your buggy. Choosing the right model for you and your little one can be tricky so we have created a guide for you of our pick of…

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Offer transgender patients egg freezing, experts say

Women and girls in the UK transitioning to become men should be able to have their eggs frozen by the NHS, the British Fertility Society has said. Current guidance says cancer patients should be given…

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Which Celebs do Parents Discourage Their Children From Following?

Forbidden Fandoms: Chris Brown And Kim Kardashian Top The List Of Celebs Parents Discourage Their Children From Following New research has revealed the celebrities that British parents believe have mo…

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Limit children's snacks to 100 calories, health body says

Half of the sugar young children in England consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sweet drinks, figures show. On average, primary school children have at least three sugary snacks a day, Public Heal…

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Woman secretly dry-nurses granddaughter behind daughter's back - and people feel uncomfortable

Elizabeth Gooden was faced with a dilemma when looking after her granddaughter, and did what felt best Elizabeth Gooden is a mum of four, step-mother to another four children and also a grandmother. N…

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Kevin the Carrot

According to The Sun, Aldi has revealed the final part of it's Christmas ad featuring Kevin the Carrot and it’s very cute. Watch the video HERE. Fans will be excited to know that soft toy versions of …

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Real life Elf on the Shelf

We just saw this article on goodfullness and HAD to share it!! Alan Lawrence is a father to six children. While most parents with this many children allow themselves to become harried and irritable, A…

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Woman bans sister-in-law's baby daughter from coming to birthday for heartbreaking reason

This article is so sad, infertility can be absolutely heartbreaking.   The whole family are set to get together - but there's a painful issue in the background. Infertility has the ability to not just…

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Adorable xmas clip as kids spoof newspaper review with toy catalogues

Festive study also reveals 8 to 11 year olds are the most expensive age group to buy for and that the most popular presents will set parents back over £800   November 2017 –  What happens when you rev…

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My shock at discovering I was a donor child

When parents tell a child that he or she was conceived from a donated egg, or donated sperm, it can come as quite a shock. After Elaine Chong wrote about donating her eggs to help other couples have a…

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50 funniest Pregnancy memes guaranteed to make you pee

According to Buzzfeed, these are the 50 Funniest Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Pee Without Even Sneezing...                                                              …

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Breastfeeding mums rejoice! You can drink alcohol (Christmas or no Christmas)

Well! Here it is. We just stumbled across this article from the Telegraph!   It’s cocktail season - that time of year when it becomes socially acceptable to overdo it slightly, and if necessary, calm …

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How children are biologically programmed to prefer playing with toys aimed at their own gender

Having just read this article, we wanted to see what your views are?   Research finds an innate drive pushes boys to prefer cars, guns and soldiers Girls are more likely than boys to be influence by …

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Prince Harry to marry girlfriend Meghan Markle

Here it is, hot off the press!   Prince Harry is to marry his American actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, Prince Charles has announced. The prince, fifth in line to the throne, will marry Ms Markle nex…

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Science Has Proven That Parents Prefer Their First-Born Child To Their Siblings

According to an article we have recently read, this is has been scientifically proven!   Whether they care to admit it or not, your parents have a favorite child. If you confront them about this, they…

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Call to ditch fairytales in favour of gender-neutral books

We have just read this and had to pass it on! Goodbye Goldilocks? Calls for parents to ditch traditional fairy tales in favour of gender-neutral books showing 'men in caring roles and women as scienti…

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Three cups of coffee a day 'may have health benefits'

WOW! We just read this on the BBC site and had to pass it on!   Moderate coffee drinking is safe, and three to four cups a day may have some health benefits, according to a large review of previous st…

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Choice of tipple 'determines different moods'

It isn't baby related but we had to pass this article on having just read it on the BBC site. It is fascinating!   Different types of alcoholic drink change and shape your mood in different ways, says…

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Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

This article was published on the BBC on the 20th November. Please do have a read of it.    Women are being advised to sleep on their side in the last three months of pregnancy to help prevent stillbi…

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Intelligence is inherited from the mother, not the father

We have just read this article and found it fascinating! What do you think? A recent genetics study has revealed that our intelligence is derived from the female X chromosome. A mother's genetics dete…

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Parents could lose custody if they try to turn child against other parent

Having just read this article on the Independent site, we had to share it!  'The demonising of a parent, usually by the one with whom the child lives, has long been recognised as damaging' Divorcing p…

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Surrogate mother of 'twins' finds one is hers

Having just read this article on the BBC site, we had to share it!   A surrogate mother from California, who gave birth to two babies, found out one of the children was biologically hers. Jessica Alle…

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Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

According to the Daily Mail - Parents' outrage at 'sexist' children's toys in Target!   A photo of children's toys in a Target Australia store has drawn criticism online, with two pieces in particular…

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Guilt-ridden mum fractures baby's skull after dropping him - and parents everywhere identify

Having just read this story, we felt it was so important to share with you all. 


Liz Mannegren was having a normal day with her baby son, when he suddenly wriggled out of her arms.

Two years ago, mu…

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Child ‘forced to stand on bus as last pram space was taken by cat in buggy

A mum was apparently told to make her child stand on a bus because a cat in a pram was taking up the last pushchair space. Mia Jade Wilson, 26, was on a First bus to Leeds on October 6 when she heard …

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Mother-in-law sneaks in and holds baby FIRST as new mum recovers from surgery

A new mum has been left outraged after her mother-in-law snuck into the recovery area and held her baby before she'd had the chance. A recent post on Mumsnet has described how the new mum was still re…

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Baby talk is more sophisticated than you might think

According to the Guardian, research reveals subtle changes in sound patterns help babies recognise the voice of their mothers. The following is an article we have just read and wanted to pass on to yo…

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SECOND CHANCE: Newborn baby found DUMPED in rubbish bin… but is saved from death after villagers hear her cries for help

A NEWBORN baby found dumped in rubbish bin was rescued by villagers who heard her cries for help. The little girl, who was just 12 hours old, had been wrapped in blankets, stuffed inside a rucksack an…

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This cute marriage proposal — on the vest of an adorable baby boy — will melt your heart

If you need some inspiration on a proposal then this is it! We had to share this article with you... Steven Tresadern had the vest specially printed and ordered to surprise partner Hollie Peers A mum …

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Dad called a 'sicko' for taking his son into baby-changing room

Here is a story we have just read... Dad called a 'sicko' for taking his son into baby-changing room - but one mum rushes to his defence He received abuse when a mum came in with her two young kids A …

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