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Midwife deciphers what your newborn baby's cries mean

Midwife deciphers what your newborn baby's cries mean

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One midwife has explained what makes your newborn baby cry - and what you don't need to worry about.

It's a sound which, at times, seems to dominate those days and long nights which follow welcoming your baby into the world.

Babies cry a lot. They can cry at the drop of a hat. They can cry all night. They can cry at the smallest of things.

It's how they communicate and it can be incredibly frustrating when you're unable to get to the root of the problem.

Unfortunately, you have around a two year wait until that joyous day when they're suddenly able to say what's up with them. Then they never stop.

So what do you do until then?

Happily, midwife Cath Curtin has de-coded your baby's cries, and has revealed to Mamamia exactly what they're trying to say - and the things you really don't need to worry about.

Firstly, according to Cath, they're probably not crying because of a soiled nappy.

"A baby is not concerned with a wet or pooey nappy. They don't have the developmental capacity to say, 'I have a dirty nappy and I'm going to cry'. It doesn't upset them."

Instead, as long as you ensure your baby's nappy is changed a few times a day, then it's probably not going to be the fact they've just done a number two.

"We really overdo it. We tend to change their nappy every time they cry," she adds.

The next "reason" you can scratch off the list is tiredness.

Yes, you may absolutely shattered, but Cath says your baby probably isn't crying because it's tired.

This is because when newborns are feeling tired, their bodies take care of this, and they will fall asleep quite naturally.

There are, however, two things which will make you newborn baby cry.

"What upsets them is that they're hungry, and they're not close to us, so they don't have our smell," says Cath.

"It's about feeding, feeding, feeding; keeping in your mind that you can't overfeed."

"It's that easy. Just sit and feed. Keep them close, keep them wrapped, keep them on the nipple."


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