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Everything you need for the most beautiful Peter Rabbit themed nursery

Peter Rabbit nursery

Are you looking for inspiration on a themed nursery for your new arrival? Look no further!

Not only have we found the most lovely Peter Rabbit items for your room but we have also been looking into the most versatile cots and we have got details of the one which topped our list.

Setting up a nursery can be really daunting and it's hard to know where to start. However, we are very excited to tell you about the new range of Cotbeds brought to you by Snuz! The SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed Natural is what we have featured for you here.


Peter Rabbit Nursery


The cot arrived well packed and in two boxes. We were a little daunted as flat pack is definitely not a skill that I pride myself on, however with very clear instructions and well manufactured design, this took about 20 minutes in total to put together. 

I am sure you will agree that this cot really does look stunning. It also comes in some really fabulous colours so no matter what your nursery theme is, there will be a style for you. 

Get the Skandi look for your dream nursery here - https://www.snuz.co.uk/snuzkot/


The mattress can be raised to three different heights. The highest mattress position makes it easy to lift your newborn baby in and out, and as they grow and learn to sit and stand, the base can be lowered to help prevent them climbing out.



Not only is the Cot itself absolutely stunningly made, but this bed will grow with your child. It will convert to a toddler bed up to 4 years, and then again with the additional junior bed extension kit to approx 10 years. 


Peter Rabbit


We have picked out some of our favourite items to be included in the nursery. There are so many lovely bits available in the Peter Rabbit range but these have to be our favourite and the quality is fantastic. 


First of all we have the gorgeous little cushions! How sweet are these? All have different fabrics front and back so you can mix and match to your hearts delight.

Pick up your little cushions HERE

Done by the same range you can also see the lovely little lamp shade. These are available with or without bases depending if you already have one you wanted to use. 

The Lamp shade is available HERE


For lots more gorgeous little bits then please see our inspiration page:


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