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All Newborn Babies Are Different

One important thing to remember is that all babies are different so no matter how many 'books' you read about babies in general, chances are that your baby won't be the same.

Right from the start, your newborn baby is ready to interact with other human beings and has important skills to help with adapting to the world beyond the womb.

No matter how carefully you planned, your newborn will surprise you. Few babies are exact matches with the co-called average! Your baby may be larger or smaller than average but could still be the right weight . Baby might sleep less and eat more than books suggest, yet be sleeping and eating as much as necessary. Basically though - don't worry! Just go with the flow. You'll soon know if your baby's not happy - he or she will tell you pretty sharpish!

For the first few weeks, your baby will be adjusting to a new environment, so expect behaviour patterns and physical development to be haphazard during 'settling in'. Babies have different temperaments; some are calm and placid whereas others are easily disturbed and take longer to soothe when they're upset. Try to be flexible and avoid comparisons with other newborns.

At the beginning, your baby's changing and completely unpredictable needs will dictate the way your days unfold. Grab a little sleep when you can. Don't try to do everything in the house. This stage is temporary and your health and rest is very important.

You may find that your baby isn't as immediately loveable as you had expected. This is quite normal. Although some parents claim love at first sight, for others the bond takes longer to develop but is just as strong.

Most babies don't look like the perfect babies in magazines and may be wrinkled or misshapen from the pressures of labour. A newborn's body needs time to adjust to life outside the womb and begin to function effectively. This can result in minor irregularities from blotchy, spotty skin to puffy eyes and mild secretions. Most disappear in a few days but if you're concerned, consult your doctor.

You have to remember that your baby is a little individual. Not all infants like being snuggled. This is normal and one of the many differences between babies. Some mould themselves into whoever is holding them - others arch their backs, stiffen their bodies and resist being cuddled.

Some parents get upset when their babies don't want a cuddle and feel they're doing something wrong. They're not - it's just that babies are as different from each other as the rest of us are.

The important thing is to be close enough to your baby to enjoy talking and playing with him face to face. Smile at your baby as much as you can! ! By 1 month old, newborns are already able to smile back.
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