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The Adventures That Set Kids Up For Life Revealed!

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The Adventures That Set Kids Up For Life Revealed!

  • Caring for a pet or animal is identified as the ultimate ‘little adventure’ for every child, which encourages empathy and responsibility, to help set them up for future life
  • Expert parenting panel pinpointed experiences and activities that can best teach key life skills
  • Growing something edible, fundraising for a cause they think is important or writing and performing a song or skit are among the little adventures which can help shape a child, according to parents
  • Research commissioned by Disney Channel to launch new TV hit Tangled: The Series starring ultimate adventurer Rapunzel and her pals, with the voice talents of Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi (airing on Disney Channel and DisneyLife)

Caring for a pet or animal and writing, growing your own vegetables and performing a song or skit are among the best ‘little adventures’ that help children to broaden their minds and social skills, according to a new survey of British parents.

The research, commissioned to celebrate the premiere of Tangled: The Series, (Disney Channel and DisneyLife, 4pm, from 11th September) which follows the new adventures of Rapunzel, the original adventurous Disney Princess, identified the top ten activities to ensure youngsters are well-rounded, prepared for life’s challenges and, most of all, having fun.

A panel of experts including parenting writers and bloggers collated a longlist of experiences and activities, which was then voted on by 1,000 British parents.  The results revealed that 86% of parents believe that encouraging children to try out new activities is a good way to help prepare them for the future.

The top 10 ‘little adventures’ that best set up children for future life, according to parents, are:

  1. Caring for a pet or animal (teaching empathy, responsibility) - 50%
  2. Budgeting with own pocket money at a corner shop or supermarket (value of money, budgeting) - 43%
  3. Growing vegetables or something edible (nutrition, where food comes from) - 38%
  4. Doing odd jobs for neighbours to earn some extra pocket money (hard work and reward) - 33%
  5. Spending the night away from parents at a friend's house (independence) - 24%
  6. Fundraising for a charity or cause they think is important (empathy, generosity) - 24%
  7. Writing or performing a play, song or comedy skit (confidence, creativity) - 22%
  8. Building a den or shelter (ingenuity, working with materials you have) - 22%
  9. Making homemade trinkets and selling them to the local community (entrepreneurism) - 22%
  10. Navigating a treasure hunt using a map (navigation) – 19%

The list comprises those adventures which can be achieved with the minimum of parental or guardian input, giving children an opportunity to flourish on their own and expand their skills, as well as being low cost and easy to plan, as can take place in the garden, home or local area.

Celebrity mum, actress and TV presenter Angela Griffin, who reveals the top adventures in an animated video, said: “It’s so important for kids to try out new activities to help broaden their horizons – from developing empathy by caring for a pet, to creativity and confidence by writing and performing a play or song, all these little adventures are a brilliant way to help teach them the skills that will set them up for their future lives.  I think it’s great to encourage kids to be adventurous in trying out new things, just like Rapunzel in the new series of Tangled – what better way to learn while having fun?!”

A check-list of the top adventures is available to print at home from http://inspired.disney.co.uk/tangled, if kids would like to try out the challenges themselves – as well as a video to inspire kids and parents alike to try out some of the adventures themselves, presented by Angela Griffin.

To celebrate the curiosity and sense of adventure demonstrated by the animated Tangled star, the longlist drawn up by the expert panel included experiences which would stimulate the minds of children and give positive learning experiences.  Activities that didn’t quite make the top ten include camping in the garden for a night (teaching independence and confidence), attending a large-scale sporting event (team spirit, dealing with winning and losing) and going on an insect hunt to identify the fauna in your local area (awareness of nature).

David Levine, General Manager, Disney Channels UK and Ireland said: “Children love to try something different and explore their boundaries, just like Rapunzel, and trying out new activities is a great way to do so. Each of these adventures voted for by parents helps to develop key skills which can be helpful for their future lives too. And if kids need further inspiration about how fun it can be to let their adventurous side out, they can capture the excitement with Rapunzel in Tangled: The Series.”

The study was commissioned to coincide with the launch of Tangled: The Series (weekdays at 4pm, from 11th September) on Disney Channel and DisneyLife, which continues the story of Rapunzel, herself a particularly adventurous princess, after the events of the 2010 film. The series sees Mandy Moore returning as Rapunzel, the feisty character first created by the Brothers Grimm, and has already been a sensation in the US, where it was launched earlier this year. Set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studios' acclaimed film Tangled and its short film Tangled Ever After, the Disney Channel Original Movie Tangled Before Ever After debuted on Disney Chanel UK on 21 July 2017, ranking number one in its timeslot among all kids channels.

The survey also identified the top 20 life skills that parents think are most important to set kids up for the future:

1.       Caring for an animal

2.       Understanding the value of money

3.       Good manners (including table manners)

4.       Swimming

5.       Learning to share

6.       How to do simple domestic chores (e.g. laundry, washing up)

7.       Being responsible for simple chores

8.       Knowledge of first aid

9.       Learning another language

10.   Collaborating and cooperating with others

11.   Simple DIY tasks (e.g. painting a fence)

12.   Riding a bike

13.   Coding (websites)

14.   Starting to learn how to debate/argue with reason

15.   Volunteering to help others

16.   Learning how to read a map/navigating

17.   Video editing

18.   Understanding world geography

19.   Learning some phrases in sign language

20.   Storytelling


Follow the new adventures of Rapunzel in Tangled: The Series - weekdays at 4pm, from 11th September

on Disney Channel and DisneyLife


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