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Tell-Tale Sign Of Postnatal Depression That'S Frequently Overlooked In New Mums

Postnatal depression is a lot more complex - and debilitating - than having a case of the "baby blues". Over half of mums will experience the baby blues. But around one in five women will experience …

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'Dangerous' item and app pregnant women should never use - no matter how tempting

The Pregnancy and baby charity Tommy's has spoken out about the dangers of turning to home dopplers and apps which say they detect a baby's heartbeat. Pregnancy is a time of great happiness, but also …

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Mum warns pregnant women about the dangers of ignoring itchy skin…

Having just read this article, we wanted to pass it on to you! MIND THE BUMP Mum warns pregnant women about the dangers of ignoring itchy skin… and her advice could save your unborn child’s life. Chri…

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Miracle Moisturiser Hailed As 'Wonder Cure' For Children's Eczema And Adult Psoriasis Is On Sale For £4

The cream is made by a small business rather than a giant pharmaceutical company but is still available in high street stores such as Boots and Asda. A miracle moisturiser has been hailed as a "wonder…

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How to deal with a choking baby

This could save a life!  Read this expert guide on what to do if your baby is choking.  This advice is for babies under 1 year of age.  For children aged 1 and over, read how to deal with a choking ch…

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UK struggling on infant mortality rate

An article in the Daily Mail states that according to the latest figures from Unicef, the UK lags behind countries such as Cuba and Belarus on infant mortality rates. Unicef figures leave the UK in 30…

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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Need to know: Hand foot and mouth disease   What causes it?   Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common childhood illness that occurs as a result of infection with coxsackie group viruses.  It u…

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Head Lice

The mere mention of these little creatures is probably enough to get you scratching, but the chances are that if you’ve got children in nursery or primary school you’ll probably end up with a case of …

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Top 10 Myths About Vaccinations

The Top 10 Myths About Vaccinations, written by Dr Emma Scott   Over recent years the number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children has been rising. Many parents are worried about the saf…

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Massage these stress points to immediately relax a fussy or crying baby

Reflexology is the ancient art of using pressure points throughout the body to relieve pain, and it can be a natural alternative for those looking to alleviate pain. People are looking to help their l…

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The Adventures That Set Kids Up For Life Revealed!

10 Before 10: The Adventures That Set Kids Up For Life Revealed! Caring for a pet or animal is identified as the ultimate ‘little adventure’ for every child, which encourages empathy and responsibili…

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Chicken Pox: 5 tips to survive

Your child comes home with a temperature. You pray it’s a mild virus or a dose of the common cold. Of course the magic elixir that is Calpol will fix it. It’s never let you down before. The next morni…

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Little Samson Has Costello Syndrome

Charlie and Drustan Ward's 13 month old son Samson has a rare genetic disorder Costello Syndrome, which affects just 300 people worldwide.

Samson is unable to feed orally and feeds through a gastrostom…

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Cows' Milk Allergy - Facts versus Fiction

Cows' milk allergy (CMA) - as for many medical conditions that affect infants and children - can be the source of stress and worry for their parents, who are searching for the truth about diagnosis, t…

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Plagiocephaly Helmet: What Can You Do About 'Flat-Head Syndrome'?

Plagiocephaly (pley-jee-uh-SEF-uh-lee) is a condition characterised by a flattening on one side of the back of a baby's head. While this might sound alarming, in most cases it can be considered harmle…

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