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Nappy Rash Old Wives Tales

Has Your Baby Got Nappy Rash? The Italians Suggest Fish Paste!*
From chocolate to raw egg whites... There are many weird and wonderful old wives tales for treating nappy rash.

If you live in Australia, you might be tempted to rub pawpaw on your baby's bottom, whereas the Belgians sometimes plump for a dollop of chocolate. The common household food item; the egg is amongst one of the most popular 'cures' from the UK, where you are urged to smear the white and let it dry on your baby's bottom! A traditional Chinese remedy recommends bathing the baby with boiled dried bitter gourd vine daily for three days.

Of course the big question is do they work? For practical mums who want to treat the common problem of nappy rash, the idea of fish paste or raw egg white might prove a little taxing.

For modern mums, creams from Metanium and Sudocrem amongst others are the answer, as they work to soothe, heal and protect your baby's skin. The cream forms a protective barrier, helping to stop irritants coming into contact with the skin.

Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent nappy rash:

Bullet Leave your baby's nappy off for as long as possible.
Let you baby's bottom breathe and enjoy some warm dry air, especially before you put another nappy on.

Bullet Change your baby's nappy as frequently as possible. Avoid prolonged contact of soiled or wet nappies on your baby's skin. Remember to change nappies before you put your baby down to sleep and after you've fed him.

Bullet Use a barrier cream: Barrier creams provide a protective layer over the baby's skin and should be used after each nappy change. The emollient effect can help soothe inflamed skin whilst leaving the skin feeling soft.

Bullet It is important to wash and dry your baby's bottom carefully. Avoid using soaps when cleaning your baby's skin and only use warm water and cotton wool. Dry your baby's bottom by patting (not rubbing it with a towel) and ensure it is completely dry before putting a clean nappy on.

Bullet Wash re-usable cloth nappies with a non-biological washing powder. Some babies have sensitive skin which can be affected by certain washing powders and this can irritate when using washable nappies.

'Miracle cures' from around the world*

Australia - Paw Paw
Belgium - Chocolate
UK - Raw egg-white
Ireland - Oatmeal
US - Cornflour
South Africa - Rooibos tea
China - Dried bitter gourd vine
Italy - Fish paste
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