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Mum catches nanny drinking her breast milk

Mum catches nanny drinking her breast milk

The headline reads:

Mum catches nanny drinking her breast milk - who accuses her of being 'stingy and not sharing'

Apparently the nanny's old employers allowed her to drink whatever was left over!

Wow! We found this article in the mirror just had to share it.


'What would you do if you caught someone else drinking your breast milk?

Chances are it's a question you've never asked yourself, probably because it makes you feel a little...odd.

Full of antibacterial and antiviral properties and containing all the nutrients infants need, breast milk is wonderful stuff indeed. But it's not really for adults, is it?

So imagine one mum's reaction when she discovered her NANNY was helping herself to her lovingly-pumped supply intended for her baby.'


Read the full article HERE 

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