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Laura Loves…Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

Laura Loves…Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump

I am very near the end of my breastfeeding journey. Over the past six years I feel like I have been breastfeeding non-stop – on and off is probably more accurate. It’s been a journey of incredible lows but largely some incredible highs and persistence in those early days has been so important.

But before I wave goodbye to the boobies for the third and final time, I felt it only right that I squeezed in one last review of a breast pump, and decided to go straight to the top with Medela’s popular electric breast pump option, the Swing.

Medela has long been hailed as the queen bee of breast pumps amongst my circles of breastfeeding groups and friends. Having specialising in breastfeeding, they have been around for over 50 years so you get the impression they know their stuff as over the years they have conducted in-depth study in to breastfeeding and lactation.

They are top whack price wise, but it’s an investment piece that can really provide freedom and flexibility for nursing parents. It’s also good for increasing milk supply and relieving engorged breasts. I also think comparing to the cost of formula milk; you’ll be quids in in no time!

It’s really simple to assemble. The instruction book takes you through the steps, with some hints and tips as you go. I think breast pumps can seem a pretty daunting piece of kit so this small simple, mellow yellow design is a little softer on the eye.

What I really love about this pump is that the Swing features Medela’s 2-Phase expression technology. It replicates your baby’s sucking motions, so it starts with more of a massage motion to encourage let down, before switching to deeper and longer suction.

Testing it out, I found my let down started pretty quickly, and it didn’t need the full two minutes, but it meant my breasts were ready when it kicked in and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I am very established at breastfeeding, whereas in those early days with tender chest it may take a little longer to find your comfort level.

The controls give you the control to increase/decrease the depth of pumps for best comfort and result, which is really important.

I had a really good capture of milk for me. It worked systematically and in flow with my body’s natural rhythm, which is exactly what you want from an effective pump.

Its hum is fairly quiet too, I have tested some very noisy pumps but this gentle rhythmic hum is non-aggressive and unlikely to wake a sleeping baby which is always a big thumbs up.

To clean it is very simple, it’s not lots of little pieces and interconnecting tubes and is more made up of fewer pieces making it easier to clean and simple to assemble.

The pump is powered by batteries or can be plugged in to the mains. It comes with a handy belt, and as it’s fairly lightweight, it is definitely wearable around your neck so you can pump while gently on the move or tending to your baby. It is also practical and convenient to take when travelling or staying away from home due to it’s small size as well as being lightweight.

As an extra, the pump comes with one of Medela’s Calma bottles. This is another unique Medela product, and one I have come across before. It is for use with babies that don’t bottle feed from another bottle so either babies used to this teat or those looking to move on to a bottle from the breast. It’s a one of a kind teat that looks and works totally differently to any other you can lay your hands on by mimicking the motion a baby would use when breastfeeding from source.

Overall I really enjoyed using this pump. It was one of the most comfortable and effective pumps I have ever used. Maybe it’s a shame I had found it at the end of my breastfeeding journey, but at the same time I have had a great journey and am really thankful for that. For anyone contemplating breastfeeding, and particularly first-time mothers that have concerns about flexibility, freedom, pain and illness relating to breastfeeding, that this is a fantastic product to have to hand and would have been invaluable for me in those early days.

For more information on the Medela Swing electric pump, and their other products visit www.medela.co.uk

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