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Dr Penny Stanway, Our Breastfeeding Expert

TheBabyWebsite works with renowned author, Dr Penny Stanway, to ensure that you have access to some of the best help, information and advice you need to breastfeed successfully.

As a young doctor Dr Penny Stanway worked as a GP and in child health.

When breastfeeding her first baby she realized that the advice to breastfeed every four hours and for ten minutes each side, simply didn't work either for her or, indeed, for most other women. Recommendations to schedule and limit feeds were based on bottle-feeding and were usually detrimental to breastfeeding. The art of successful breastfeeding is very different.

A burning desire to ensure that women had access to accurate and empowering information led to her and her husband writing 'Breast is Best'. Its aim is to enable breastfeeding women to overcome any challenges and continue for as long as they and/or their babies want.

Her other books include 'Coping with Your Pre-term Baby', 'First Baby After 30 - or 40?', 'Feeding Your Baby', 'Good Food for Kids', 'The Lunchbox Book and The Natural Guide to Women's Health'.


Editor's Footnote:

"I read 'Breast Is Best' when I became pregnant and I have to say that I might not have been such a successful breastfeeder without it. It helped me understand how the milk was produced and encouraged me to believe that any problems I encountered at the start were just temporary and that with support I could work through any problems. When people were telling me I was feeding my baby too much and that she didn't need to be on the boob so often, I knew they were wrong and that I was right because Penny's book had inspired me and filled me with confidence. I was determined to succeed and it was Breast Is Best which fired my enthusiasm and determination.

If you want to breastfeed and are determined to succeed then you really should read 'Breast Is Best'!"

, Editor
June 2009

You Can Buy Dr. Penny Stanway's Book 'Breast Is Best' Here
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