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Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby (or babies!) is one of the hardest and most important decisions a parent can make. Search our huge database to find out the meanings and origins of baby names. We also have dozens of articles on subjects such as natural baby names, lucky baby names, Scottish, English, Royal, unusual, popular and trending baby names.... we even have people arguing over baby names!!

  • Azzam

    Meaning: Determined

    Origin: Arabic

  • Azzaria

    Meaning: Gift of God.

    Origin: Hebrew

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Autumnal baby names parents are loving!

Would you name your child after the season they are born in? Apparently, many parents are doing just that. Christmassy monikers are popular during winter, while floral monikers sprung during spring a…

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Luckiest baby names for boys and girls REVEALED and some are very unusual

Over the years, various studies have shown your name can define you as a person. Clemson University found that women with gender neutral names are more likely to be successful. And research from Mar…

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Unusual Baby Names: 10 Beautiful But Forgotten Old-Fashioned Monikers For Girls And Boys

Choosing a baby name can be a tricky and lengthy task. While some parents opt for popular names others want to give their child a more unique moniker. In recent months, parents have drawn inspiration…

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This Unpopular Baby Name Is Making A Comeback Thanks To England’S World Cup Success

One of the UK’s most unpopular baby names could be about to make a comeback - thanks to England’s World Cup success.   ‘Gareth’ was ranked 117 in the popularity charts in 1996 – the year England rea…

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Summery baby names are a hit with parents – and some are VERY unusual

It can take months for parents to decide on possible baby names. While some like to keep things traditional, others look for inspiration in more unlikely places. In the lead up to the hottest months…

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The importance of a good name

Choosing Baby Names and Why You Need to Get it Right Parents often spend ages selecting the right name for their offspring, which is good news in the light of recent research. The name you give your …

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Baby boy names from 100 years ago you won’t be able to resist putting on your name list

These ADORABLE baby boy names from decades ago are in desperate need of reviving. Picking a name for your baby boy might not be as difficult as you think. Whether you want something a little more un…

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Top 10 baby name predictions for 2018

Picking a name for your baby is the most exciting thing ever - but with such a huge choice, it can be really tricky to find the RIGHT one for you.  Here are some ideas for you taken from the insp…

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Royal Baby Name News

For no apparent reason, and despite the chances very obviously being 50/50, people are speculating that Kate Middleton and Prince William's unborn child will be a girl. National newspaper The Daily E…

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Baby Name Advice

Advice on naming your baby   The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word advice as follows: guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action The key word in that defini…

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Arguing over naming the baby

Popular baby names come and go. Prevalent name choices may even change before you get through the pregnancy. Families and peer pressure contribute to the stress of naming your baby. The most difficult…

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Biblical Baby Names

Twenty Religious/Biblical Baby Names   Parents have been thumbing through the Bible for baby names for a long time. This book was the source for some very popular names like Michael, Sarah, Joseph …

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Baby name trends in 2018

Naming a baby is a big deal. After all, it's a decision that your baby is probably going to live with for life. Whether you want a unique name or something relevant today, these baby naming trends can…

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The 100 most popular UK baby names of 2017 loved by parents revealed - and there are some surprises

There may not be exactly one born every minute, but by December 31, 2017, the UK will have welcomed just under 700,000 new bundles of joy. Of this number there will be Ellas and Ethans, Jaydens and J…

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Popular baby names which are strictly banned in other countries

From Charlotte to Ashley - the popular baby names which are strictly banned in other countries Countries such as Iceland, German and Portugal have lists of forbidden baby names This article in the m…

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Most popular baby names of 2017

So here we have it, the top 100 most popular baby names of 2017. Sophia and Jackson topped the list for 2016 with Oliver and Amelia topping the charts in 2015. Here we have the top 100 girls names f…

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Least popular UK baby names in 2017

The least popular baby names in the UK for 2017 has been released - and some are more surprising than others! Girls  Anita Bertha Bonnie Cindy Cilla Cynthia Donna Dorothy Edna Gail Janic…

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40 Baby Names Inspired by Nature

In this fast-paced world we are often encouraged to stop and look around us, and that is also true when deciding upon a name for your baby. Names inspired by mother-nature range from traditional, old-…

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Top 100 UK Baby Names of 2016

Olivia and Oliver top the 2016 top 100 baby names chart!The top 100 list for boys and girls reveals that more new parents are taking inspiration from the celebrity world for their baby name choices an…

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Most Popular Baby Names

Babyblooms have a real insight to baby name trends through selling personalised gifts for over 10 years.They have daily first hand experience of changes in popular and trending names and through trend…

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Top Baby Names in 2009

Jack is no longer the top boy's name as Oliver has taken over the Number One spot!The top girls' name for the 2nd year running was Olivia. The Office for National Statistics' list of most popular name…

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Silly Names

Next time you sign your name spare a thought for Justin Case, Barb Dwyer and Anna Sasin. The incredibly unfortunate names emerged in our study of the most bizarre names in Britain today. Other unluck…

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Top 10 Baby Names 2010

Yet again traditional baby names for boys and girls have come out on top as the most popular names in England and Wales.Oliver and Olivia have kept the top slot for the third year running according to…

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Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Below are some traditional Welsh Girl and Welsh Boy names to choose from for your baby.As you can see, some of them are easier to pronounce than others! You can also find other baby names and meanings…

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Traditional British Names Abandoned

Percy, Norman, Edna and Gertrude are just a few of the classic British names that could soon be consigned to history.That's the verdict of a compelling new study which suggests that many popular baby …

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Parents Give Babies Surnames As First Names

David Cameron seems to have had a very strong influence over new parents since even before he moved into No.10Cameron has been revealed as the most popular surname used as a first name for babies born…

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Baby Name Meanings

With the news headlines featuring stories about Baby Names on an almost daily basis, it often appears that baby names have become almost a fashion itemThere now seem to be some quite clearly defined t…

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Cool Baby Names

Baby names have become more and more outlandish recently with celebrities apparently trying to out-do each other in the all-important baby-name stakes!Below are some of the coolest baby names of the m…

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Top Baby Names 2011

Harry and Amelia were the most popular first names given to babies born in England and Wales in 2011, replacing Oliver and Olivia in 2010Jacob replaced George in the top 10 most popular names for baby…

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Scottish Baby Names

Below are some Scottish Girl Names and some Boy Names of Scottish origin to choose from for your baby. They seem to be a little easier to pronounce than the Irish and Welsh names! Scottish Girl Name…

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