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Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Below are some traditional Welsh Girl and Welsh Boy names to choose from for your baby.

As you can see, some of them are easier to pronounce than others! You can also find other baby names and meanings here.

Welsh Girl Names

Aderyn - Bird
Ancret - Much Loved
Angharad - Much Loved
Arianwen - Silver white
Blodwen - White flower
Branwen - Beautiful raven or raven haired
Bronwen - White breast
Dilys - Perfect or pure
Enid - Tree bark
Eluned - Idol
Ffion - Roses
Joseph - the Face of TheBabyWebsite

Gaenor - Fair and yielding or white wave
Gaynor - Fair and yielding or white wave
Glynis - Valley or glen
Guendolen - White moon, circle or brow
Guinevere - fair and yielding or white wave
Gwawl - Light
Gwen - White or fair
Gwendolyn - White moon, circle or brow
Gwenfrewi - Blessed reconciliation
Gwenfron - White breast
Gwenhwyvar - fair and yeilding or white wave
Gwyneth - White or fair maiden
Ingaret - Much loved
Jennifer - fair and yeilding or white wave
Kentigerna - Head Chief
Leolina - Like a lion
Meredith - Lord or great lord
Modron - Welsh goddess
Morwenna - Wave of the sea
Myfanwy - My rare treasure
Nerys - Lord
Olwen - White footprint
Rhonwen - Slender or fair
Valmai - May blossom

Welsh Boy Names

Broderick - Son of Roderick
Bryn - Hill
Cadwallader - Battle leader
Caradoc - Amiable or nice
Cedric - War chief
Ceredig - Character from Welsh legend
Chad - Battle
Conway - Holy water
Craddock - Amiable or nice
Gethin sucking his fist

Dylan - Dark
Floyd - Grey
Galahad - Battle hawk
Gareth - Gentle
Garth - High land
Gavin - Hawk of the plain
Gawain - Hawk of the plain
Glyn - Valley
Goronwy - Hero
Griffith - Lord
Gruffudd - Lord
Gwern - Alder trees
Gwyn - White, fair or good
Hywel - Eminent
Idris - Fiery lord
Illtyd - Ruler
Iorworth - Worthy lord
Ivor - Lord
Kane - Beautiful
Kentigern - Head chief
Loeline - Lionlike
Lewis - Lionlike
Llewelyn - Lionlike
Lloyd - Grey or brown
Joseph Abraham's a good name!

Llyr - Sea god in Welsh mythology
Llywelyn - Lionlike
Madoc - Fortunate
Marmamduke - Servent of Madoc
Meredith - Great lord
Merlin - Sea hill
Morgan - Sea bright
Owen - Lamb or well born
Penry - Son of Henry
Reece - Impetuous
Trefor - Large settlement
Trevor - Large settlement
Vaughan - Little
Wynne - White or fair
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