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Top Baby Names in 2009

Jack is no longer the top boy's name as Oliver has taken over the Number One spot!

The top girls' name for the 2nd year running was Olivia. The Office for National Statistics' list of most popular names for 2009 has few surprises though as apart from some regional variations, there were no new entries in the top 10 for either boys' or girls' names compared with 2008

Oliver and Olivia Top Names for 2009

Mohammed was number 16 nationally, but in the West Midlands, it was the most popular boys' name. Jack was still the top boy's name in Wales, The North East and North West of England.

There were fewer regional variations when it came to the girls' names, although Isabella was number six in London, while Ava and Lucy appeared in the top 10 for the North East.

Top Boys' Names 2009


Top 10 Girls' Names 2009


There were 706,248 live births in England and Wales in 2009 and 26,800 different boys' names and 34,100 different girls' names were registered.

Comparing the 2009 list of top names with the lists 10 years before, six boys' names featured in both lists: Jack, Joshua, Thomas, James, Daniel and William, with Olivia, Chloe, Emily, Sophie and Jessica also in both girls' lists.

The Office for National Statistics said changes in the top 100 since 1999 showed that lots of pre-War names were becoming popular again. They mentioned the name Evie which has risen 157 places to number 10 since 1999, Ruby has gone from number 91 to number two and Lily is now at number 8 from 45! Alfie has moved up to number 4 from 60!

October 27 2010

Can You Believe These Silly Names?
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