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Top 100 UK Baby Names of 2016

Olivia and Oliver top the 2016 top 100 baby names chart!

The top 100 list for boys and girls reveals that more new parents are taking inspiration from the celebrity world for their baby name choices and 'nature names' are also growing in popularity.

Superhero Names

We all think our children are amazing but some parents go the extra mile and give their children a superhero name. Kara from Supergirl, Harley (and Quinn) from Suicide Squad and Felicity (Smoak) and Thea (Queen), from the smash hit comic book series Arrow are amongst the most popular superhero names.Names inspired by space have been rocketing up the charts this year. Nova, Orion and Luna have all increased in popularity. Even the name Jupiter has been spotted! Star Wars names Leia, Kylo and Finn have all had a boost too.

Celebrity Names

Ronnie Woods of Rolling Stones fame called his twin girls Gracie and Alice athis year and many other parents have followed suit, with both names rapidly gaining popularity in 2016. Jamie Oliver's unusual name choice for his new baby boy, River, saw a last minute surge in popularity, with more babies called River than ever before. Harper (as in Beckham) is still a popular name choice and is one of this year's biggest risers, jumping an huge 31 places to sit at number 56. Coleen and Wayne Rooney's baby name choices are also proving popular, with Kai a new entry to the top 100, and twice as many babies called Kit and Klay compared to last year.

Nature Names

Baby names inspired by nature have been shooting up in 2016 too. Eden has a spot in the top 100 afor the first time ever and Hazel has also leapt up. Outside the top 100, Maple, Forrest, Bluebell and Yew have all featured this year too, some for the very first time. River and Storm are 'up there' too!

Top Baby Names

Yes, more adventurous names are on the rise when it comes to the top baby names for boys and girls, but ultimately it seems that tradition wins over trends. Oliver and Olivia remain the most popular choices with parents again. Traditional names like Lily, Poppy, Daisy and Holly have all seen their positions rise within the top 50. George has risen four places to take a spot in the top ten for the first time since 2012, while Harry also continues to rise, appearing in the top five this year. (Other royal names continue to rise. Charlotte has risen ten places, Kate and Catherine have both risen, although William has fallen slightly from 13th to 19th place).

Olivia has held on to the top spot for girls' names for another year and Ava is a new entry to the top 10 having steadily risen year after year.
nature baby name beach

The Top 10 Girls Baby Names of 2016

1. Olivia
2 Lily
3 Sophia
4 Emily
5 Amelia
6 Ava
7 Isla
8 Isabella
9 Isabelle

Top 10 Boys' Baby Names of 2016

1 Oliver
2 Muhammed
baby names 2016

3 Noah
4 Harry
5 Jack
6 Charlie
7 Jacob
8 George
9 Ethan

Biggest risers in the baby name charts include Jenson, up 31 spots to number 62, Stanley, up 21 spots to number 77 and Darcie, which rose 26 places to sit at number 34. The highest new entries to the top 100 include Arlo, Ezra, Kai, Jesse and Albie for boys and Mya, Luna, Lexi, Heidi and Lyla for girls.

(The BabyCentre baby names survey includes the names chosen by 76,993 (41,158 boys and 35,775 girls) members who gave birth in 2016. The charts combine names that sound the same but have different spellings. The spelling used in the chart is the one most commonly used.)
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