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Top 10 Baby Names 2010

Yet again traditional baby names for boys and girls have come out on top as the most popular names in England and Wales.

Oliver and Olivia have kept the top slot for the third year running according to statistics released by the ONS (Office of National Statistics).

Even though many parents, encouraged by weird and wonderful celebrity baby names, go down the less traditional and more imaginative route, traditional names are still the most popular for boys and girls alike.

The Top 10 Girls' Names for 2010 are:

boy and girl twins

The Top 10 Boys' Names for 2010 are:

baby boy curious

According to the ONS, Jack was most popular name for boys in the North East and Sophie and Lily were favourite names for girls in the South West and East of the UK.

Ruby remains a favourite girl's name in Wales - possibly something to do with the fact that Charlotte Church has a daughter called Ruby.

This year's new entries in the top 100 Baby Names include Ollie, Caleb, Bobby, Dexter, Jenson and Kayden for boys and Eliza, Annabelle, Laila, Maryam, Aisha and Maisy for the girls.
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BabyHub SleepSpace multi-use travel cot

BabyHub SleepSpace multi-use travel cot

BabyHub SleepSpace multi-use travel cot


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  • Fabric barriers around all sides at the base prevent knocks to baby from outside. 
  • The Babyhub SleepSpace travel cot can be used from new-born and up until the age of around three or when baby can climb out.   
  • Mat: 67cm x 94 cm x 2cm (3.2 cm when positioned on top of padded base of SleepSpace). 
  • Available in four bright shades - Pebble, Kiwi, Ruby or Tangerine
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  • Best Travel Cot Silver 2018 Made for Mums Awards, Loved by Children Best Baby Bed Platinum Award 2018, Loved by Children Tried and Tested Award 2018, European Product Design Award 2017

In the box: multi-use travel cot – mosquito net cover – extra padded mat – tepee cover - manual - stylish carry bag

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