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Silly Names

Next time you sign your name spare a thought for Justin Case, Barb Dwyer and Anna Sasin.

The incredibly unfortunate names emerged in our study of the most bizarre names in Britain today. Other unlucky punters are also trying to lead normal lives despite being named Stan Still, Mary Christmas, Paige Turner, Chris Cross and Barry Cade. It might also be worth thanking your lucky stars you're not called Sonny Day, Rose Bush, Pearl Button or Hazel Nutt, who also make the list of 'The Most Unfortunate Names in Britain'.

TheBabyWebsite recently carried out the search of names registered with phone numbers and names posted on the world wide web.

When the parents of some of those people mentioned named their children, many probably didn't even realise the implications at the time. However, we can't help but smile when we imagine someone having to give their full name.

There must be tremendous embarrassment every time they have to introduce themselves to anyone, especially to a crowd. Even their teachers must have had to hold back their smiles sometimes.

On the positive side, anyone wanting to become well-known would have an added advantage! No-one would forget a name such as Justin Case, would they?

Parents really do need to think carefully though when choosing names for their children. Their silly names name will be with them for life and what may be quirky and fun for a toddler might be regretted terribly when that person becomes older or even a grandparent perhaps.

Our month-long study scoured the world for real people who have their own unique crosses to bear.

TheBabyWebsite.com also uncovered some other cracking silly names such as the brilliantly-named Tim Burr, a speed-freak named Max Power and a man called Doug Hole. Teresa Green, Terry Bull, Helen Back, Lee King, Jo King and Ray Gunn also cropped up on the list.

Wider afield America as you'd expect is a haven of weird and wonderful silly names including Anna Prentice, Annette Curtain, Bill Board and Carrie Oakey.

A string of people have brilliant names linked to their professions including Dr Leslie Doctor and Dr Thoulton Surgeon, a vet in Connecticut, Dr Payne, a plastic surgeon in Sandusky, Ohio, Les Plack, a dentist in San Francisco and Priti Manek, a doctor in Florida.

And one of the funniest of the silly names, Dr Sumey in Fairmont, is likely to invite more than his fair share of lawsuits from disgruntled patients.

Britain's Most Silly Names

Barb Dwyer

Black and white photo of boy

Pearl Button
Hazel Nutt
Ray Gunn
Helen Back
Stan Still
Jo King
Lee King
Terry Bull
Mary Christmas
Max Power
Paige Turner
Sonny Day
Tim Burr
Teresa Green
Will Power
Anna Sasin
Chris Cross
Doug Hole
Justin Case
Barry Cade

America's Silly Names

Anna Prentice

Cute Baby Sticking Out Tongue

Annette Curtain
Bill Board
Carrie Oakey
Dr Leslie Doctor
Dr Thoulton Surgeon
Dr Payne
Les Plack
Priti Manek
Dr Sumey

February 2009

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