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Scottish Baby Names

Below are some Scottish Girl Names and some Boy Names of Scottish origin to choose from for your baby.

They seem to be a little easier to pronounce than the Irish and Welsh names!

Scottish Girl Names

Ailsa - Island Dweller
Blair - From the flat place
Bonnie - Pretty
Cameron - Crooked nose
Iona - Island
Ilsa - From Islay
Kameron - Crooked nose
Lesley - Garden by the pool
Logan - low meadow
Malvina - Fair lovliness
Melvina - Fair lovliness
Moira - Wished for child
Morag - Sun

Isabella Pell

Nairne - Riverside of lime trees
Paisley - From the place name
Senga - Slender
Skye - From the island
Sloane - Fighter or warrior
Wallis - From Wales
Wander - White wave

Scottish Boy Names

Adair - From the oak tree ford
Athol - New Ireland
Cadell - Spirit of battle
Cameron - Crooked Nose
Craig - Crag
Donald - World Ruler

Jamie Brunning

Douglas - From the dark water
Euan - Young warrior
Ewan - Young warrior
Farquhar - Friendly man
Fergus - Choice of man
Gordon - By the great hill
Greg - Fierce
Hamish - Supplanter of men
Keith - Wood
Kenneth - Handsome
Lachlan - From the lake
Leslie - Garden by the pool
Malcolm - Servent of Columba
Maxwell - Magnus' well
Murdoch - Man of the sea
Murray - Sea settlement
Ross - Of the promontory (a natural elevation)
Sholto - Sower
Wallace - From Wales
Wally - From Wales

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