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Parents Give Babies Surnames As First Names

Parents Give Babies Surnames As First Names

David Cameron seems to have had a very strong influence over new parents since even before he moved into No.10

Cameron has been revealed as the most popular surname used as a first name for babies born in the UK over the past decade.

Data about new babies registered in the UK shows that 26,401 babies named Cameron were born between 2000 and 2010 - and with 14,482 children born last year given a first name normally associated with a surname – it looks like this is a trend set to grow even further.

Also on the list of popular surnames used as first names is Tyler, and Harrison, most probably inspired by Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, and Taylor – recently in the limelight as a result of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl.
Harrison Ford

Logan also makes the top five, showing just how popular the name is becoming.

3,375 babies were given the first name Cole, over the past decade, showing that despite both the good and bad press, Cheryl and Ashley have definitely had an influence on parents' choices.

Musicians are also playing a part with Lennon, Marley and Jackson being in the top 20.

Unbelievably, there were even two children named Mandella born over the past 10 years in honour of the ex South African President. We won't go on to mention the 19 Beckhams, 29 Rooneys, 10 Jaggers and 2 Stallones!

The Top 20 surnames used as first names

1. Cameron -26,401
2. Tyler – 21,233
3. Harrison – 13,313
4. Taylor – 12,732
5. Logan – 11,610
6. Riley – 9,678
7. Mason – 9,252
8. Bailey – 9,004
9. Brooke -8,584
10. Maddison – 5,568
11. Mitchell – 4,353
12. Cole – 3,375
13. Fraser – 2,976
14. Mckenzie – 2,905
15. Drew – 2,166
16. Jenson – 1,976
17. Lennon – 1,945
18. Marley – 1,835
19. Austin – 1,813
20. Jackson – 1,809

23 Mar 2011

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