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Most Popular Baby Names

Babyblooms have a real insight to baby name trends through selling personalised gifts for over 10 years.

They have daily first hand experience of changes in popular and trending names and through trend research they have come up with the most popular baby names in 2015 and the top baby name predictions for 2016.

Not surprisingly, the birth of Princess Charlotte saw many girls being named after our new Royal Family member. Interestingly, Prince Charles seems to be a top influencer in baby boy names with Charlie being the most popular boys name for 2015!
The predictions for next year are based on a continuation and increasing popularity of the names that we saw gaining popularity towards the end of 2015.

Most Popular Baby Names

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Top 3 Boy names 2015

Top 3 girls names 2015

One other name trend worth noting is a revival of names that proved popular in the first twenty years of the twentieth century, although it seems parents are choosing to go for the shortened or more familiar version of the names. Babyblooms predict the fashion for vintage names will continue well into 2016.

Vintage Boys Names Predicted to be Popular in 2016:
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Edward – Ted, Teddy
Albert – Albie, Bertie
Stanley – Stan
Leonard -Leo, Lennie
Francis – Frank,
Herbert – Herbie

Vintage Girls Names Predicted to be Popular in 2016:
Maud – Maudie
Margaret – Maggie
Edith – Edie
Emily – Emmie
Constance – Connie
Dorothy – Dot, Dottie
Beatrice – Beaty

Finally flower names will continue to be popular in 2016. There have been revivals in the name Rose. Daisy, Iris, Violet and Poppy amongst other flower names will trend in the new year.

Information provided by www.babyblooms.co.uk
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