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Cool Baby Names

Baby names have become more and more outlandish recently with celebrities apparently trying to out-do each other in the all-important baby-name stakes!

Below are some of the coolest baby names of the moment!

Boys' Names

Alfie has gained in popularity over recent years, thanks to its 'cool grandad' feel. It means 'wise and handsome'.

Asher is of Hebrew origin and means fortunate, lucky, blessed and happy. It's unusual enough to be different, but can be shortened to the more common form of Ash if your son wants to be less unusual when he's at school.

This Biblical name is of Hebrew origin and means dog. Caleb was the companion for Moses and known for his fearlessness. A strong and masculine name which suits all ages.

Dax is an unusual name of French origin. It's a good solid name, unusual but not weird, and it can't be shortened.

A Greek name from the word 'kalos' meaning beautiful. It's not a name you'll come across on a regular basis in the classroom. It sounds good and is cool enough to see him through his teens and mature enough to cope with throughout adulthood.

Derived from Luke, this name is Greek in origin. Luca is rare in comparison to Luke, it enjoyed a brief rise in popularity after a character in ER. It's a sort of exotic version of the more traditional Luke, but is short and simple and easily pronounced.

This name, made trendy by Angelina Jolie, is Irish in origin and means son of God. It's a strong, relatively rare name in spite of its celebrity connection.!

Very popular in the USA, it is gaining some popularity in the UK. It's a short, strong and masculine, but not overused name.

An English form of the Greek Theodore, meaning God's gift, or a shortened form of Edward, meaning wealth protector. It's short, easily pronounced and masculine, it belongs to the nostalgic cool grandad names club.

Japanese in origin, this cool name means second son. It has been used in some sci-fi films. Zinan is powerful and masculine, with sci-fi links, this name is the ultimate in cool.

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Girls' Names
A very feminine but quite rare name. Stephen Baldwin called his daughter Alaia.

This started off as a boy's name meaning 'auburn-haired' but is becoming just as common as a girls' name. It's easy to pronounce which is a great bonus when it comes to unusual names!

A traditional name, once used as a pet name for Elizabeth - now a big favourite!

A Gaelic name, equally suited to both girls and boys, although slightly more unusual for girls. Finn means 'fair'.

A Latin name inspired by Florence Nightingale, who was named after the Italian city where she was born. Meaning 'flowering and in bloom', it was very popular in the Victorian era and has seen a surge in popularity recently. It's very much a traditional name yet pretty and modern at the same time. Flo is just as popualr.

A Tibetan name meaning 'Beautiful'. It's another version of the English Jemma. The pronunciation and spelling of this name makes it unique without being too difficult to pronounce.

This beautiful name pronounced May-ah is of Greek origin and means nurse and mother. It's a beautifully feminine name, yet is simple to pronounce.

This name originated in America and means 'abundant blessings from above'. It's relatively modern, simple and very pretty thanks to the images of Mother Nature that the word conjures up.

Most popular in Spanish cultures, this name became popular more recently because of the lead female character in the blockbuster film The Matrix. Of Latin origin, its meaning refers to the Holy Trinity in Christian faith. It's lyrical, feminine, easily pronounced and yet is still an unusual name.

Although once rarely used as a first name, Willow has gained in popularity probably because of TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, it's still an unusual name which isn't heard very often. It's English in origin, and means slender and graceful. Will Smith gave this name to his daughter. A very feminine, pretty name and is easy to pronounce.
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