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Biblical Baby Names

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Twenty Religious/Biblical Baby Names


Parents have been thumbing through the Bible for baby names for a long time. This book was the source for some very popular names like Michael, Sarah, Joseph and Mary. In recent years, some other Bible names have become trendy. Names like Levi, Hannah and Noah are heard on playgrounds everywhere.


Considering the popularity of the Bible, you might think that all the great baby names have been overused. Would you be surprised to learn that there are still lots of Biblical baby names that have been overlooked or haven't been seen in several decades?


Here are 20 terrific Biblical names that would be perfect for a modern baby.


Names for Girls


Ahlai (aa-LAY)


Ahlai was an ancestor of one of David's mighty men. The name Ahlai is said to mean beautiful or ornamental.


Damaris (DAM-uh-riss or duh-MARE-iss)


The Damaris of the Bible was an Athenian woman who was converted to Christianity by Paul and was a great encouragement to him.


Most people agree that this pretty name means gentle, although some report that it refers to a heifer or calf.


Dinah (DIE-nuh)


Dinah is a Hebrew name that saw some popularity several decades ago but is rarely used today. In the Bible, Dinah was the daughter of Jacob and Leah.


The name means avenged or vindicated.


Esther (ESS-tur)


Esther is a well-known Biblical figure, but the name is not popular today. Esther was one of the few female Biblical heroes. Her faith and bravery saved the Jewish people.


The name Esther is believed to mean star.


Lois (LOE-iss)


Lois was mentioned in the Bible as the grandmother of Timothy. You occasionally hear the name Lois for older women, but it is not typically used for babies today.


Lois is a Greek name, and it means desirable.


Naarah (NEY-aa-Ruh)


The Biblical Naarah was one of the wives of Ashur, a grandson of Noah. It is a unique alternative to the popular Norah, and it means young woman or child of God.


Tamar (TAY-mar)


There are three women in the Bible named Tamar. Two of them were examples of strength in women who had little control over their own lives.


Tamar means date or palm tree. There is a currently a reality TV star named Tamar, so it might become more popular. For now, it is still relatively uncommon.


Salome (SAW-loh-may)


Salome was not the most celebrated person in the Bible. As the granddaughter of King Herod, she performed a dance for her stepfather in exchange for the head of John the Baptist. The head was a gift for her mother.


While this is a lovely name, you should prepare yourself for people to pronounce it like the delicious deli meat, salami.


Salome is Hebrew, and it means peace.


Vashti (VASH-tee)


Vashti was the stunningly gorgeous first wife of King Ahasuerus in the book of Esther. Her name means beautiful woman.


Zilpah (ZIL-puh)


Zilpah was a handmaid of Leah's. Leah asked her to bear children with her own husband, Jacob. Her sons were considered two of the ancestors of the 12 Tribes of Israel.


The name is said to mean frailty.


Names for Boys


Barnabas (BARN-uh-bus)


This is a cool choice for parents who want to call their son Barney. The Barnabas of the Bible was an early Christian who traveled with Paul.


The name Barnabas means son of comfort.


Bartholomew (bar-THAWL-um-yoo)


This elegant name means a farmer's son. In the Bible, Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles of Christ.


Elon (eh-LAAN)


Elon was one of the original judges of Israel. There are two additional Elons briefly mentioned in the Bible.


The name Elon means strong.


Ephraim (EEF-ree-um)


Ephraim was one of the sons of Joseph and the head of the Tribe of Ephraim. It is also a Biblical city where Jesus is said to have spent time in the wilderness.


Ephraim is a Hebrew name that means fruitful.


Gideon (GID-ee-un)


Gideon was a Biblical prophet who was used by God to save his people. The name Gideon means great warrior.


Meshach (MEE-shack)


The Biblical Meshach was one of three men who survived being thrown into a fire for his faith.


Possibly meanings of the name Meshach include he who is like the moon god, referring to a Babylonian god, and he who draws his sword forcefully.


Reuben (ROO-ben)


Reuben was the oldest son of Jacob and Leah, and he led the movement to sell his brother, Joseph, into slavery. Later, Reuben regretted his actions and became an honest man.


Reuben means envisioning a son and might be particularly appropriate for someone who dreamed of having a baby boy.


Samson (SAM-sun)


The heroic Samson of the Bible gained his strength from his long hair. The evil beauty, Delilah, has his hair removed while he slept.


Samson means bright sun. It is an uncommon alternative to the popular name Samuel.


Solomon (SOL-uh-muhn)


Solomon was known as the wisest king in the Bible and is responsible for many of our traditionally held values.


The name Solomon means peace, but the name probably indicates wisdom more than any other trait.


Thaddeus (THAD-ee-us)


Thaddeus was one of Jesus' 12 apostles. The name is Greek and means courageous heart.


It also suggests the cute nickname, Thad.


Whether you are choosing a name to reflect or faith or you just love the sound of ancient names, you will find the Bible offers some excellent options. Use these 20 unusual Biblical names to get you started.


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