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Baby name trends in 2018

baby name choice

Naming a baby is a big deal. After all, it's a decision that your baby is probably going to live with for life. Whether you want a unique name or something relevant today, these baby naming trends can put you on the right track to finding the right name for your little one.


Grandparent Names

Naming children after family members has been popular since names began, and it's always a good idea to list family names among your options.

We've seen old-fashioned names like Ella, Pearl, and Henry come back into the spotlight, and now you can expect that trend to skip to the next generation.

What are your parents' or grandparents' names? There is no greater way to honor people you love than to pass on their names. If you're not crazy about the name the way it is, consider a slight modification.

Soon you'll start to see girls with names like Susan, Linda, Patricia, Lisa, Judith, and Betty. Boys will be George, Barney, Walter, Ray, and Fred.


Make the Last Name First

Using a surname as a first name is a traditional move that can give your child a connection to family. Many women choose to honor their families by giving a baby their maiden name. The new twist on this is that these names can typically work for either gender.

You'll see baby girls and boys with names like Sawyer, Ash, Elliot, Reed, Presley, and Anderson.


End With Double-T

Many popular names contain a double consonant in the middle. Names like Jennifer, Emma, and Bobby were common for a long time.

The double consonant trend is shifting to the end of names, and T's are in the spotlight. You are now going to see names with the double-T at the end.

Names like Scarlett, Bennett, and Everett are cute ways to rock this double-T trend.


Masculinity in Boy's Names

With so many boy's names becoming gender neutral, some parents are putting the focus on masculinity. Look for boy's names that promote power and strength.

Axl, Riot, Brick, Stone, and Steel are all names that are likely to increase in popularity in coming years.


Tributes to Women

When it comes to daughters, many new parents will give their girls something to live up to by naming them after influential women. Some popular options are Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), Sojourner (Truth), Harriet (Tubman), Eleanor (Roosevelt), and Coretta (Scott King).


Short and Sweet

Modern parenting is all about the struggle for simplicity, and you can see this in baby names. Look for short, cute baby names that still carry a lot of meaning.

Some examples are Dane, True, Bear, and Joy.


Comic Book Names

As the geek lifestyle becomes increasingly mainstream, so do names from comic books. You'll see more babies named for their parents' favorite superheroes or even for villains.

Get ready to meet baby boys named Tony, Lex, Xavier, Scott, and Thor. Girls will be Harley, Jean, Pepper, Wanda, and Diana. Logan and Remy will work for either gender.


All About O's

Not many names in the past few decades have started with the letter O, but that is quickly changing. The incredibly popular Olivia and Oliver have inspired the rise of a whole wave of O names.

These include Otto, Oscar, Omar, Olive, Ona, and Opal.


Book Characters

Names based on literature are always a great choice. What is your favorite book? Who was your favorite book character as a child?

Naming your baby after a beloved character in a children's book is a sweet trend that will fill the world with names like Alice, Ramona, Holden, Max, and Matilda.


Posh Modern

Preppy names are back, but they are different from those you saw in the 80s and early 90s. Modern preppy names continue to carry old school charm but also have an edge.

The next generation of preps is getting names like Remington, Montgomery, Briggs, Whitaker, and Hayes.


Knowing naming trends can be useful when it comes to deciding on the perfect name for your baby. You can use trends exactly as they are, or you can alter them to give your child a unique name. Take a look at these trends in baby names when coming up with just the right name for your new baby.


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