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Baby Name Meanings

With the news headlines featuring stories about Baby Names on an almost daily basis, it often appears that baby names have become almost a fashion item

There now seem to be some quite clearly defined trends marking the rise and fall of various popular names and monikers. However, what very few of these reports seem to focus any attention on is the actual derivation of the name and the name meanings.

Some of the more modern and quirky names may roll off the tongue easily or may relate to a celebrity who happens to have a high profile at the time, but the name meanings are often ignored. Baby name meanings often relate to their origin, with lots of names in the UK deriving from Greek, Latin, French or Scandinavian. There are also hundreds of names with more ethnic origins in Africa, Aboriginal Australia and of course there are the more traditional English names.

Name meanings can be based on religious themes - with reference to either ancient or modern Gods or mythical figures, they can relate to individual character such as strength or love or they may relate to the professions or trades or even military roles.

It may seem odd to some people when name meanings are given to newborn babies, because how can name meanings be relevant to someone who has just been born? Perhaps it is an aspiration of the parent in the hope that their son will grow up to become a strong person, or their daughter will symbolise peace in her life. Many will question the relevance of name meanings and will buck all trends by inventing or mutating names to suit their own thoughts.

Why not spend some time browsing through the thousands of baby name meanings that can be found in our Baby Names Finder or look at the recent trends in UK popular baby names in our Baby Names Section? You may find some names in there that you never knew had a meaning. As an example, what about the name Thomas, which has been one of the most popular boy's names of the last 3 or 4 centuries? It actually derives from Hebrew and means 'Twin'.

Have a look at some of the more random name meanings. You may be surprised!
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