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Baby boy names from 100 years ago you won’t be able to resist putting on your name list

Baby boy names from 100 years ago you won’t be able to resist putting on your name list

These ADORABLE baby boy names from decades ago are in desperate need of reviving.

Picking a name for your baby boy might not be as difficult as you think.

Whether you want something a little more unusual or a traditional name for your son, a baby name list from 100 years ago might just be the answer.

With a whole list of names that were very popular for newborn males in 1918, Nameberry.com have provided the best type of inspiration for new parents.

With boy names such as Archie, Barney and Sol all on the list, there are plenty that are in need of a 2018 revival.


So would you pick any of these popular boys names from a decade ago?


AbeDiminutive of Abraham. Meaning of Abraham: Hebrew, "father of multitudes".

ArchieMeaning: "truly brave". Origin of Archie: Diminutive of Archibald, Teutonic.

BarneyMeaning of Barney: "son of comfort" variation of Barnabas, a hit among hip Londoners.

Cecil - Cecil is a name of Latin origin and means "blind". Cecil was a popular Victorian royal baby name.

Chester - A boy's name of Latin origin that means "fortress, walled town,". Chester is a little-used name making it's way up the ranks that sounds both quirky and cuddly.

Clement - Clement is a boy's name of Latin origin that means "mild and merciful".

Dale - A name of English origin that means "valley". Also a very popular girls name.

DoyleDoyle is a boy's name of Irish origin that means "black stranger" and originally started as a 'dark horse' Irish surname.

Edmund - A name of English origin that means "Fortunate Protector".

Floyd - Floyd was a Top 100 name from the 1880s to the 1940s and is a name of Welsh origin that means "gray-haired". 

Grover - A boys name of English origin that means "lives near a grove of trees". 

Homer - Homer is a boy's name of Greek origin that means "security, pledge".

Kermit - Means "a free man" and is of Irish origin. The famous name of everyone's favourite green frog! 

Luther - Luther is a boy's name of German origin that means "army people".

Ned - Ned is a boy's name of English origin that means "wealthy guardian" and was often used as a boys nickname before making it's mark in the baby name books.

Norris - Name of French origin that means "northerner".

Rufus - A boy's name of Latin origin that means "red-head". An ancient Roman name popular with saints and singers. 

Sol - Sol is a boy's name of Spanish origin that means "sun". 

Vito - An old Italian name that means "alive". 

Ward - Ward is a boy's name of English origin that means "guard, watchman". Parents today are seeing it as a cooler nickname for Edward, and are also beginning to use it on its own. 

WileyScottish, diminutive of William


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