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Autumnal baby names parents are loving!

Autumnal baby names parents are loving!

Would you name your child after the season they are born in? Apparently, many parents are doing just that.

Christmassy monikers are popular during winter, while floral monikers sprung during spring and Summer.

So it should come to no surprise that autumnal baby names have begun trending since the cold weather has returned.

Bounty revealed the names that are trending at the moment.

The parenting website revealed: “The season your baby is born can have a big impact on what you choose to name them.

“Autumn babies are born into a world of spectacular fiery colours as nature readies itself for a sparkling winter.”

Names inspired by the season include Rory & Adam for boys and Orla & Sienna for girls.

So would you choose any of these options for your little one?



10 boys names that are popular in autumn 2018:

1. Rory – The Irish Gaelic name means “red king”. Many associate this season with this vibrant shade.

2. Jack – It wouldn’t be autumn without Halloween. This name reminds many of the Jack-O-Lanterns you’d use for trick or treating.

3. Rowan – This tree grows stunning red berries during the season.

4. Aurelius – The moniker translates as “golden”, a colour reminiscent of the falling leaves.

5. Radley – The English baby name means “red meadow”, which is very evocative of this time of year.

6. Oakley – Oak trees drop hundreds of acorns every autumn, making the name Oakley a great choice for babies born now.

7. Bruno – A German moniker that translates as “brown”. The colour is often associated with this time of year.

8. Adam – This Biblical name means “to be red”. This hue is another that conjures up images of autumn.

9. Hunter – Throughout history, October has been a time of hunting and gathering ahead of the cold winter months.

10. Woodrow – A quirky name meaning “row of houses by a wood”.


10 girls names that are popular in autumn 2018:

1. Ashley – An old English name that is linked to the ash tree. The leaves of this British tree turn golden during autumn.

2. Opal – Those who welcome children in October may want to call them after the birthstone of the month.

3. Akiko – The Japanese word for “autumn”, “bright” and “sparkle”. Parents can also shorten it to Aki.

4. Sorrel – A German name that means “chestnut”. These nuts tend to fall during the autumn time.

5. Aurelia – The moniker translates as “golden”, a colour reminiscent of the falling leaves.

6. Orla – An Irish name that translates as “golden Princess”.

7. Sienna – This earthy shade conjures images of autumn.

8. Teresa – The Greek moniker means “harvester”. It’s a great choice for parents who welcome kids during September or October.

9. Ivy – This plant is often linked with the season.

10. Octavia – This Latin name translates as “eighth”. As October is the 8th month in the Roman calendar, it’s a good option for autumn babies.


What you think? Do any of these names appeal to you? We found out about them here.


For more baby name inspiration CLICK HERE.

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