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Arguing over naming the baby

naming the baby

Popular baby names come and go. Prevalent name choices may even change before you get through the pregnancy. Families and peer pressure contribute to the stress of naming your baby. The most difficult compromises on names, however, occur between spouses. Both parents often want to claim final naming rights. There are a few creative ways to find some common ground.



Most individuals have significant reasons that they like or dislike specific names. Take the time to understand what is important to both of you. One person may want to pass down a family name, while the other must have something unique. Each person should make a list of naming priorities in descending order from most important aspect to the least important. That gives each of you an idea where the compromising can start. Agree to fit in at least one essential attribute from each list. 


Mix it up

If a particular family name makes you cringe, consider using a middle or last name. Many surnames make great first names. You can also find something memorable about a loved one to represent the name. For example, you can name a girl after your grandmother's favorite flower. There is often a solution to satisfy everyone involved.


Split the Responsibility

While splitting the responsibility is an easy solution if you are having multiples, this method can still work with a single pregnancy. You each can agree to choose one of the names. Create lists of possibilities before discussing the final decision. Plan a time to sit down and go over the lists, trying out names from each one as the first and middle name. Write them down and say them out loud. You can also agree to let one spouse responsible for naming a girl, and the other for a boy. These methods work well when no one wants to budge on specific names.


Add a Name

A second middle name is not all that uncommon. A family name can easily be an additional name. That allows for the inclusion of a particular honor without limiting other naming choices. It also provides space to include favorite names from both parents. There is a certain formality in longer names, which can appear distinguished when appropriately organized. 


Ask for Suggestions

Sometimes it can be beneficial to have an objective opinion. Step away from the stress of picking a name for a little while. Ask friends and family to contribute some name ideas. There may be a suggestion that both of you love. Keep a jar, with paper and pen nearby, for visitors to leave their thoughts anonymously. Set one up at home and work. Neither of you can be partial to family or friends if you don't know who suggested the names. Make it even more fun by asking strangers to write down their favorites. Ask the grocery clerk, the coffee shop barista, or your waitress at dinner. Dump out the jar and enjoy reading through the possibilities. 


Naming your baby can be as fun as it is stressful. Many parents, especially mothers, have a list of names they have been composing for years. The reality of compromising on a name can cause a few complications. It can help to take a break from the stress of it all and gather some input from friends and family. You can get creative with family names by using the middle or last names of your favorite aunt or grandparent. Use a loved one's attribute to inspire a unique name. You can also find a variation of a name your spouse has chosen. With some creativity and perseverance, you are sure to find a name you both love. 






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