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40 Baby Names Inspired by Nature

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In this fast-paced world we are often encouraged to stop and look around us, and that is also true when deciding upon a name for your baby. Names inspired by mother-nature range from traditional, old-world names to edgier, contemporary monikers but all are deeply rooted in the natural world. Here are forty of the most interesting and inspirational natural baby names for your little boy or girl.


Unisex Nature Names:


  • Bay. A type of Laurel tree or a sheltered beach. Also means ‘auburn’.
  • Dale. An Old English word for Valley.
  • Gale (Feminine spelling, Gail). Strong winds.
  • Ray. Associates with rays of light, or sunshine, and the batoidea fish.
  • Sandy. Evocative of warm, golden beaches.
  • Glen (or Glenn). A long, deep valley strongly associated with Scotland.
  • Storm. Tumultuous wind and rain, thunder and lightning.
  • Sunny. A warm, sunshine name.


Nature Names for Girls:


  • Autumn. British English for the season ‘fall’.
  • Breeze. A light, cooling, refreshing wind.
  • Celeste. Of the stars. From the Latin meaning ‘heavenly’.
  • Dawn. The first light of day. Associated with new beginnings.
  • Eden. The Biblical garden of paradise.
  • Eve. Nightfall. From the Hebrew for ‘live’ and ‘breathe’.
  • Luna. Another name for the moon, and moonlight.
  • Meadow. A vast field of natural grasses and wildflowers.
  • Misty. Dewy, foggy, hazy.
  • Rain (Also spelled Rainn). Stormy, refreshing, revitalising.
  • River. Life-giving streams and bubbling brooks. From the Latin ‘ripa’.
  • Sky (Or Skye). Vast, blue, uniting.
  • Star. Sparkling, celestial, cosmological.
  • Summer. Hot, bright, and carefree.


Nature Names for Boys:


  • Blaze. Flame. Fiery and passionate.
  • Clay. Earthy and solid.
  • Cosmo. Another name derived from the stars. Also a variety of flower.
  • Den. A set or burrow, providing shelter and safety.
  • Flint. The state gemstone of Ohio. Strong and smooth.
  • Ford. The shallow crossing point of a river or stream.
  • Forrest. A natural wooded area, full of trees.
  • Heath. Natural scrubland covered in heather.
  • Hunter. Part of the constellation Orion. Strong, predatory.
  • Marsh. A lush wetland very valuable to many birds and wildlife.
  • Moore. Low-lying wetlands, or unfarmed natural hillsides.
  • Nile. A vast life-giving river.
  • Orion. A famous constellation containing many supergiant stars.
  • Rock. Stone. Steady and solid.
  • Sol. The Latin name for the Sun. Brightness and warmth.
  • Warren. A rabbit burrow, nurturing families and providing shelter.
  • Winter. The snowy season, crisp and cool.
  • Woody. Of the trees.


 Choosing a natural name for your child may be a religious decision, a fashionable one, or something you pursue to honour the natural world of which we are all a part. Our names often provide the first impression of us to strangers as we progress through our lives, and children with natural names have excelled in the arts.

From Rock Hudson to Glenn Close, Hunter S Thompson to River Phoenix, and Woody Harrelson to Warren Beatty, names inspired by nature continue to make an impact and garner acclaim across the globe.

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