Cot Bed Mattresses

Cot Bed Mattress Reviews

Cot beds are designed for your baby to sleep in from birth until the age 4. They last much longer than standard cots and represent great value for money.

Here we review the best cot bed mattresses for your baby.

Eve Sleep Cot Bed Mattress

The Eve Sleep Cot Bed Mattress has been carefully designed with baby's comfort in mind. Each tiny detail has been developed to make sure baby has a comfortable and safe night's sleep – so you can too. You can also rest easy knowing that when you purchase this product, 15% of the profit will be donated to The Lullaby Trust.

The Eve Sleep Cot Bed Mattress Details

This cot bed mattress can be bought in a 120 x 60cm size, and a size of 140 x 70cm. It has an innovative layered structure.

On the top is an antibacterial mattress cover. It is made from a special, breathable Argentum polyester fabric and is excellent for moisture absorption and for maintaining air flow to keep baby at the right temperature. The clever technology makes it 400 times more breathable than standard mattress fabrics.

This fabric has antibacterial silver-ion in it that will keep bugs at bay. It also contains silicon,which helps make sure that the fabric is soft and durable.

Beneath this cover is PVC waterproof panel, which will keep the foam layer beneath it dry and safe from any leaks or spills.

The foam itself is high quality, and will not dip or sag with use. It is also Certi-PUR certified so parents can rest assured that there are no chemical nasties hiding inside. A core of individual pocket springs is encased within this high-density foam.


How to Care For Your Eve Sleep Cot Bed Mattress

This baby cot mattress can be washed at 60 degrees. It is best reshaped while it is still damp and line dried. It should not be bleached, tumble dried or ironed.

The mattress will last a long time and is suitable for use for children from birth up to six years of age.

Amongst all the cot bed mattresses on the market, the Eve Sleep cot bed mattress is highly rated by parents and professionals. The Junior Design Award judges declared in 2018 that the mattress provides baby with 'excellent support' and that its thoughtful design makes it 'a cut above competitors'.

To make things even easier, there is free delivery, a 30 night free trial period, no hassle returns and a five year guarantee period.

KATY® Superior Deluxe Spring Cot Bed Mattress

This cot bed or junior bed mattress is one highly reviewed option for your child's sleeping space. It is a comfortable and yet supportive mattress that will help you keep your baby safe and help make sure that the whole family sleeps well.

Unlike other products on the market, it is not manufactured with the use of any antimony, phosphorus or arsenic based fire retardants and so you can rest easy knowing that your baby is not being exposed to these harmful chemicals while they sleep.KATY® Superior Deluxe Spring Cot Bed-Junior Bed Sprung Mattress

KATY® Superior Deluxe Spring Cot Bed Mattress Details

These cot bed or junior bed mattresses will fit all cots and junior beds 140 x 70 cm or 139x69cm. They are manufactured to a high standard.

The mattress is encased in a white stockinette fabric, to which an adjustable waterproof membrane is then added. The cover can be removed for washing, and since the adjustable waterproof cover can be moved to any position, it is easy to use and flexible, no matter how baby likes to sleep and how and where in the cot you prefer to place them.

This outer layer covers British made high-grade, high density foam (CMHR28) which encases the traditional Benelli spring unit. It provides a suitable level of firmness and comfort and is ideal for your baby's spine,while also helping to make sure that they get a good night's sleep.


How To Care For Your KATY® Superior Cot Bed Mattress

This mattress should be hand washed or washed at 40 degrees C. The removable, breathable cover prevents perspiration and is durable and long lasting. The quality of stitching and materials is high enough that the mattress can withstand longer term use and keep your baby sleeping comfortably until they outgrow it.

While this mattress is more expensive than other,less high-quality cot mattresses on the market, it is still a small price to pay for a healthy and happy child,and can represent good value for money. Beware of cheap imitations, which may look similar, but which may be poorer quality, may not conform to safety regulations, and may harbour harmful chemicals.

Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials Cot Bed Mattress

The Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials Cot Bed Mattress is firm enough to support your baby's growing spine and yet comfortable enough to keep them happy and slumbering like a log. It can indeed give parents a silent night, and they can rest easy knowing that their baby is safe and secure.

Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials Cot Bed Mattress Details

This cot bed mattress, 140x70cm, comes with a removable woven cover. This cover is made from polyester and cotton. It is quilted for extra comfort, and is hypoallergenic too, so baby can sleep happily and breathe freely.

The core,unlike other models on the market, is foam free. Instead,it has an fibrous filling that is better for baby. This filling is also hypoallergenic and is cooler than foam. It is breathable, carries no odour and promotes comfort.

The filling is a sustainable, trademarked 'Eco Comfort Fibre' that is made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable fibres.

Through recycling plastic bottles for making their mattress filling, Silent Night have prevented over 105 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill sites or in the sea. (Silent Night have also reduced their packaging and cut down on plastic use by 50% by not double bagging their mattresses.)

Like other items in Silent Night's range, this mattress draws on the company's 70 years of experience. It has also been tested to the highest UK standards so you can sleep soundly knowing that your young one is not in any danger and can themselves sleep safely and comfortably throughout the night. Not only is this mattress free from foam – it is also chemical treatment free.


How To Care For Your Silentnight Safe Night Essentials Cot Bed Mattress

The knit cover is removable and washable for your convenience. And when those little accidents happen, the core of the mattress can simply be popped in the shower and hung out to dry.

The mattress is high-quality and built to last. It comes with a three year Silent Night guarantee. One of the other great things about the filling of this mattress is that it is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life. This means that it will not contribute to the global waste problem when it is no longer of any use.

Milliard 5cm Ventilated Memory Foam Cot Bed Mattress Topper/Junior

The Millard 5cm Ventilated Memory Foam Cot Bed Mattress Topper is designed to increase comfort for your baby. It is designed so as to make them as happy and content as possible during the night. And as parents will know – if baby sleeps well, you can too – so making sure your baby sleeps well can have knock on effects for the whole family.

Milliard Memory Foam Cot Bed Mattress Topper Details

This mattress topper, 140x70x5cm in size, is made from 100% memory foam,which will contour to your baby's form. Its high density structure means that it will adapt to suit the way your baby sleeps and yet will not sag or lose its shape over time.

Unlike other memory foam mattress toppers, however, the Milliard Memory Foam cot bed mattress topper is ventilated, to increase air flow and help regulate sleeping temperature. This can help to ensure that your baby does not get too warm during the night.

The memory foam has a removable, waterproof, 65% cotton, zipper fastened cover, for easier care. It is also hypoallergenic and secures against bacteria, mold, dust mites and other potential allergens. There are also non-slip grips on the under side.

The mattress is certified free of toxins and harmful chemicals.


How To Care For Your Milliard Memory Foam Cot Bed Mattress Topper

The outer cover of this memory foam mattress topper is easy to unzip and remove, and is machine washable and can be tumble dried, which makes for easy care. Since it is fully waterproof, there should be no issue with the inner foam when those inevitable accidents occur. The easy care means that this could be a good choice for busy parents who do not want to have to worry about hand washing or air drying.

This mattress topper can easily be rolled up for storage, or for travel.

If you find that your baby does not respond well to the firmer surfaces of many cot mattresses – perhaps because they have become used to the softer surface of your own bed, then this extra comfort topper could be one potential solution.

Since it is more breathable with better airflow than other memory foam products on the market, it could be a better option for keeping your baby comfortable during the night.