Factors to Consider as Your Child Goes Back to School

The summer holiday is finally coming to an end. If you are like most parents, you are breathing a sigh of relief and waiting for school to start with bated breath. However, have you fully prepared your child to go back to school? Here are a few things you want to consider.



Your child will likely have experienced a growth spurt over the holiday, making it impossible to fit into those clothes from the last term. You will need to get new clothes. Does the school have a uniform for the pupils and if they do, is it mandatory that your child wear it?

What will they wear for PE class? If there is no uniform or it is not compulsory to wear one, is there a specific dress code that you need to be aware of when refuelling your young one’s wardrobe? You definitely want your child looking their best as it helps keep their confidence levels high.


Stationary and Supplies

 Just as a farmer needs all his tools when heading to the farm, your child needs all their supplies when going back to school. You will need to look through their old stationery set and consider replacing pencils, notebooks, crayons, the drawing kit they broke halfway through the last term, and the bottle of glue that was spilled during the holidays.

They will probably also need a new school bag to carry all these supplies in. The good news is that you can make out a list, order all your back to school stationery on The Works’ online store and have it all delivered before school starts.



Children need to eat in order to learn, and many studies have shown that feeding your children nutrient-dense meals gives them a mental edge over schoolmates who eat foods that are low in nutrients. Make sure breakfast is healthy, feeding them protein and whole carbohydrates instead of boxed cereals and other processed foods.

Similarly, you will need to pack healthy meals in their lunch bags or educate them on the proper foods to buy for lunch if they need to purchase their meals in school. Try to keep meals that are high in unhealthy fats and sugars as far away from them as possible to keep their bodies and brains healthy.


Adjustment & Routines

The beginning of the school year can be unsettling for children for many reasons; they might be starting out in a new class with people they have not seen in a while, or even starting out at a totally different school. It is necessary to help them adjust to the new situation and to create routines to make the change manageable. Try to involve your child in the preparation process, be it shopping for school things or planning the meals to be added to lunch.

Create a routine that will help your child prepare in the morning and have him practice it in the last few days of the holiday. Doing this will help keep your child’s mind calm and make it easier to reintegrate when school starts. 

Helping your child transition from holiday mode back into school mode is important. Look through these factors listed to be sure you and your little one are ready to go back to school.