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Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials


Here is a list of 8 baby essentials.

We personally bought and used all of these products for all of our children. Our reviews are real and our recommendations are genuine.

Best Pushchairs

I’ll start by recommending the most obvious thing you’ll need - a pushchair! A good pushchair is a necessity simply because you’ll use it almost every day.

Pushchairs vary widely in price and quality. We actually had two - a Bugaboo for daily use and a much more compact Mamas and Papas one which folded up really quickly that we used if we were going somewhere in the car.

The Bugaboo was absolutely brilliant. It was easy to steer and turn and it soaked up the bumps far better than the cheaper pushchairs we tried.

If you can afford a Bugaboo then I don’t think you’ll regret spending the money. It scores top marks on

  • being comfortable for your baby

  • really easy to push and steer around town (especially over cobbles!)

  • overall quality

The other pushchair we got (in a sale!) was the Mamas and Papas Armadillo. This pushchair was fine. The fastening clip was a pain to use at first, but you get used to it. The main selling points are

  • the price

  • it’s really easy and quick to fold up and collapse

  • it’s really compact

On these three points, it beats the Bugaboo.

Baby Monitor

We had a video baby monitor for our first baby, and it was great. Parents definitely tend to be more anxious with about their first child. We were, anyway. So much so that when the monitor was quiet for a while we would look at the video monitor and feel huge relief that we could see his little chest going up and down.

When it broke (it gave us two years of sterling service before we dropped it on a hard floor!) we replaced it with a normal audio baby monitor which was about half the price, and we coped.

Regardless of whether it’s a video baby monitor or audio monitor, you’ll need one. Don’t worry if the monitor you like doesn’t do fancy things like play music or have an LED light. We never used these things. In fact, I can’t think of something less useful than a light on a baby monitor!

Baby Carrier/Wrap

My Cuddlebug baby wrap (or baby carrier) might be the best thing of all! My youngest was a real velcro-baby and didn’t like to be put down. My baby wrap gave me my hands back! Just being able to make a cup of tea felt like I had found my freedom again.

It was also GOOD for my back, because the alternative was holding my baby and balancing him on my hip. I did this for too long and my back ended up being really quite sore.

Baby wraps are easy and comfortable to wear (it’s made of cotton and spandex) and all three of my babies were happy enough to fall asleep in there from time to time.

As an added bonus, wraps cost a fraction of some baby carriers and in all honesty I think it should be the other way round!


My eldest LOVED his Jumperoo, and I loved it too. He would jump up and down and laugh, listening to all the different noises it made and playing with all the little bits and bobs.

When your baby enters that mobile phase you’ll find it very hard to supervise him whilst doing something else. It was so handy being able to keep him entertained in one place and I had to get the dinner ready. Just knowing that he was happy and safe in the Jumparoo and not playing with plug sockets or taking off his nappy made it worth the money.

Baby Gate

There are lots of different baby gates available to buy. I couldn’t even tell you what make or brand any of my baby gates are. They all perform the same function, so our advice is to go with the cheapest one you can find.

They come in handy for years. I don’t know any parents who managed without using a baby gate.

Buggy Clips

There aren’t many essentials which cost less than a tenner, so I’m glad I can recommend this one! Buggy clips are a life-saver.

They let you carry shopping bags, baby/toddler backpacks…. anything really. I actually miss using my pushchair these days because it was so handy for going to the supermarket!

Buggy clips are an absolute must have, just remember that when your baby gets out of the pushchair the extra weight of the shopping will topple the chair! You will use these every day.

Water Wipes

There are lots of baby wipes on the market. A lot of them are scented, which means there are chemicals in the wipe. Water wipes have only two ingredients: 99.9% water and a tiny drop of fruit extract.

They are suitable for babies with sensitive skin from birth. In all honesty, I wouldn’t use anything else.

I would recommend signing up for Amazon Prime and getting Water Wipes on a subscription order. Nobody enjoys that moment when you realise you’ve run out of wipes!

Amazon Prime

If you order lots of things from Amazon (and who doesn’t?), Amazon Prime is a great idea. You’ll almost definitely be ordering more things when your baby arrives, and you’ll be incredibly pleased with the speed and cost of Prime delivery.

It’s rapid, and delivery is free on lots of items. There are many other benefits you can read about, but I think the main benefit for us was the early notification about lightning deals.

Lightning deals are flash sales on loads of different items that sell out quick, and we found ourselves buying little things just so we could have a few little toys handy to give as birthday presents. That’s a good life-hack actually. You’ll find yourself at lots of children’s birthday parties.

Baby Thermometer

Why is a baby thermometer essential? Because you’ll be able to take your baby’s temperature and know whether or not they have a fever WITHOUT going to the doctor.

Believe me, trying to entertain your poorly baby in a doctor’s waiting room is about as much fun as teething.

The Braun Thermoscan thermometer is easy to use, recommended by doctors and measures with professional accuracy.

Reusable Nappies

Reusable Nappies

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