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Pregnancy Calendar

TheBabyWebsite's Pregnancy Calendar describes the changes in Mum and Baby for all the 40 weeks of pregnancy.You can see how your baby develops week by week and how your body changes. There is also helpful nutritional advice to make sure you get all the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy. It's useful for first-time parents as well as experienced mums who want to track their babyís growth in the womb.

Pregnancy Week by Week

It is amazing how quickly a baby develops in the womb and with our pregnancy calendar you can keep track of your pregnancy week by week. All you need to do is enter your dates into the calendar above and you'll be able to see how your baby is developing and how your own body is changing.

Pregnancy Calculator

Our pregnancy calendar is useful for you to work out the week of your pregnancy and what stage your baby's at! It can also tell you the approximate date when your baby is due based on the first day of your last period. A midwife, health visitor or doctor will be able to confirm your due date but this pregnancy calculator can be used alongside so you can see how your baby is changing week by week.