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So the snows of early February have gone now and here at TheBabyWebsite we're wondering if it's safe to say that Spring is slowly arriving. One thing that's definite is now that Half Term is well and truly over, Easter will be upon us before we know it. TheBabyWebsite has had a bit of a Spring Clean over the past week and we hope you're liking the revamp as much as we do.

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Courtney and Cameron playing in the snow

With the sad news that David Cameron's young disabled son, Ivan, has suddenly died, our thoughts are now with the whole Cameron family at this awful time. 

We were shocked and disgusted to learn that the beautiful and talented new CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell has been subjected to so many insults and nasty comments simply because she happens to be disabled.   Apparently, parents have compained that the one-armed presenter would upset and scare their children.  We think the parents have the problem here and so do you. Chontvn thinks they need a 'good kick in the ass'

According to our own recent survey, Hopscotch is officially 'The Greatest Playground Game of all Time'. It's good to see the old games like Hide and Seek, Skipping and Conkers in the top ten too - all playground classics which have sadly been banned in many schools due to ridiculous health and safety regulations. .

Natalie at The Organic Toy Company has been telling us how trying to help her 3 children cope with their eczema, led to her founding her own company.

Our Silly Names story caused a bit of a stir in the national press yesterday.  So much of a stir in fact that it resulted in our server crashing mid-morning when the BBC listed it as their most-read and most-emailed story.  Of course we plan for increases in traffic but never in a million years did we expect the sort of traffic we had yesterday.  Great news for the future though!

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On the Small Talk Forum, Eeyore's 'What's Your Soap Box?' saw a lot of our members seething at dog poo, breastfeeding critics, litter and mobile phone call centres.  Unsurprisingly, it seems that the same things irritate most of us.

BlondeLou's 'What Did You Do?' got us all thinking about how our lives change completely once we have children.  Have a think about it... when was the last time you went to the loo with the door shut or read the papers in bed on a Sunday morning?

You've also been telling us about The New Skills your tinies have acquired. And what a clever bunch they are!  Who would have thought that so many of our toddler members would master the art of depositing their poos in potties so quickly?

And we challenge you to read Mummy Lorrie's really heartwarming post without going 'Awwww'..


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Jodiep86 loves the Concord Rio Rocker.  And Seymour and Henry by Walker Books has gone down a storm with your little ones.  Earth Friendly Baby Massage Oil has got the big thumbs-up this month too.  At last there seems to be a pair of 'bootees' from Funky Feet Fashions which babies can't kick off.

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We have plenty of competitions on TheBabyWebsite at the moment, with allsorts to be won! 

How about a chance to Win a Family Break to a Butlins Resort of your choice?  Can't be bad!

There are loads of lovely sets of kids books prizes up for grabs, not to mention the two excellent Hauck Disney prizes: the Door Bouncer and Bungee Chair .  You still have time to try your luck in our fabulous Siblu Holiday in Europe too. 

As well as all the above, there are still the regular prizes for Best Baby Diary, Best Forum Post, Baby of the Month etc.
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Little Nathan looking really cool!
Sels' Birth Story has put most of TheBabyWebsite team off bananas for life! The moral of the story is 'Yes, OK, bananas give you energy, but hey, perhaps it's not the best idea to eat them when we're about to give birth'.

And thank you MrsAllen for telling us Ruby's birth story.  We're so glad you didn't eat bananas too.

Zayd's Diary was fun to read and Emmared's girls clearly love Driving In Their Car .

The Winner of the Bibetta Ultra Bibs for Messiest Baby has got to go to Callywags' Lewis What is it about kids? They still manage to look like little angels even when half of their dinner is smeared around their faces.

We'll let you all know who the other winners are in a few days time.... Watch this space! 

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If you want to lose weight and keep fit you can't beat a bit of   'Sexercise'

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